Friday, 26 July 2013


The blog has been redone! Without patterns or ability to stitch correctly, I did something that was marginally useful - redoing the appearance of the blog! I like purple best, so here it is in all its purpley glory! XD What do you think? I've even changed fonts and font sizes, so is it any clearer to read/follow, or less so? Hopefully better.

Luckily, I did finally locate my Mirabilia pattern! It appeared last night beside the car in the garage - a place it most definitely was not before, because I had checked. Interesting. Anyway, I had a burst of stitching power, and got a lot done on Winter's Maiden! I've gotten her face nearly completely done (just the eyes left) and worked more on the hood and hair, as well as filled in a lot of places I had left undone. Yay! :D

There's still outlining to do on her face to define her features, as well as outlining some places on the fur trim. See those blue squares on the white? Those are beads in the original pattern, as well as several stitches surrounding them. Since I don't have the beads for this work, I'm stitching the equivalent colour in thread. That means that the surrounding stitches don't show up, just like it didn't with the Autumn Maiden's necklace, where it was too pale to pick up against the skin colours on her neck. Like I outlined on Autumn to define the 'beads,' I'll pick up the blue I used to make the blue 'bead stitches' to outline and define those places on the trim. There's a lot more to the hood too! I want to know how much hair this lady has. XD

So yes, I did get something done this week, it just took all week to get there. Tomorrow's a library book sale, so I'll be able to immerse myself in lovely books and recharge for a while until the next book sale! Haha.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mean Sprites

I have lost my Mirabilia pattern.

Not kidding.

I had in my hand, I put it with my laptop and the bag of threads/fabric I was taking over to my Grandmother's house so I'd have something to do during the evening. And now it's just gone. It's not with the computer (since I'm typing on it right now), it's not where the laptop had been, it's not in the car, at Grandma's house, or anywhere visible in my house.


This is my biggest project!! This is the longest consistently worked on piece I've done in my life. This poor pattern has been folded and refolded in every which direction that it's falling to pieces already. Maybe it disintegrated. And it's just gone.

Seriously, whatever juju/sprite/imp/jinn is hanging around this house/me, taking my threads and now my patterns has got to take a hike, and stay on one. This is not good. >:[

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Goth Hello Kitty

I'm posting today, and not tomorrow, and then do a Friday post. Hopefully. Hopefully. . .

Anyway, Amigurumi has found a home on the blog! I've added some Amigurumi links to the 'Free Patterns' list (which has been moved further up on the side there so you don't have to scroll down so far to get to them). There are lots of really sweet patterns for beginners and expert crocheters alike, so check them out!

What I've been working on is an . . . . adaptation of a Hello Kitty pattern I found on Ravelry. You will have to open or log into an account on Ravelry to be able to see it. It's completely free, and is available as a PDF download from the website. I haven't liked the pattern too much, there have been way too many places where I've gotten either too many or too few stitches in a round as compared to the pattern, but otherwise has been alright. It looks fine when completed anyway! I'm not happy with the face I did, as I don't have the felt they use so I had to crochet my own features onto the doll. It doesn't look like Hello Kitty, but some sort of Amigurumi-Ballerina-Goth-Cat thing. Oh boy. I need practice, methinks. (;
This, except black rather than blue or pink

I've given it a rest. . . . halfway through the body itself, I keep losing count and making mistakes, and I don't even know why. DX I shouldn't be, I know very well how to crochet and have done much more complicated works than this before. It just isn't working out for me today to stitch. :( I've gotten both arms and the head completed, and that's not bad I suppose. Just legs, body, ears, and skirt to go. . . .

I don't know, I just feel so tired lately. There's been so much swirling in my mind, refusing to settle that it makes me nearly sick. I want to just open my head and pour all those extra thoughts and worries out and just forget about them - I need a Pensieve - but that's not going to happen any time soon. :( Being mostly distracted is definitely going to take a toll on stitching, so I'll just have to let it rest for the day and pick it up in the evening or tomorrow. I've started the Celtic Wheel of the Year by Joan Elliott three times already over the weekend. Once, the fabric count was way too small, and I didn't like it, though I may end up stitching on it anyway (25 count. Makes the pillow size pattern into a pincushion size pattern. It's tiny). Second time, since I had no rulers to measure, I started on a piece of fabric too small. Third time was a mess. As you can see, my mind is totally up and gone someplace else for vacation a business trip. I can usually think while I'm stitching and things make more sense if I can stitch at the same time, but if I can't even get started I'm definitely in a pickle! I'll try the Mirabilia, and if I screw that up, I may just declare it a day for the week and really go on vacation. sigh

Enough troubles and whining. Hopefully on Friday you will get to see some lovely pictures of material progress! Even if it's another thousand little snails in a rainbow of colours, it'll be something and you're going to like it! 8D Aish, I'll get something done for Friday, I promise. Likely cross-stitching. But it'll be there, whatever it is.

Enough rambling too. Have a good week everyone! Better luck stitching than I!! ~x~

Friday, 19 July 2013

Jumbled Friday

Friday is here again. O.O

Yesterday was havoc. It was weird, and freaky, and just totally out of wack. There must have been some bad energies floating around or something, but the world just went topsy-turvy yesterday. Yesterday our Great Uncle Harry passed away.

It was crazy. All children were gathered up at another relative's condo, between a lake and a swimming pool. I went over with some family to deliver food and drinks, and volunteered to watch over the ragamuffins while the house was cleaned and other family members flitted in and out. On top of all that, another person in the family had a heart attack and had to be airlifted out to a hospital. He seems to be doing much better, but we're all still a little on edge, waiting for a phone call that may or may not come. People were waiting in hospitals and with kids, planning burial and hoping not to make it a double. And now we just rest at home. Bad things nearly always come in threes, so everybody keep yourselves safe alright??

So here we are on Friday. It seems to have come too fast and yet too slow. As though another week was squeezed in yesterday.

Today called for calming activities, so I scanned a bunch of my art that I've done over the years (only the pieces that are the best of what I had done, so it's not scary!) and put them on my DeviantArt account. It only had three completed portraits on there, and a scrap piece, so it was a little empty and lonely. XD Now I've got six more pieces in there - and only one of them another portrait - so it's looking much better now. I've added a few more folders as well to keep everything organized. Mostly it's dragons. I love drawing dragons! There's some really cute geese over there too, begging to be looked at and appreciated so stop by and check out my gallery! (:

Apart from that, I've been going through thread which is a surprisingly calm activity despite not usually having the colours I want. XD I finally found the package of white that I bought! And my MP3 player, which has been missing since I got my D-Unit CD. Yay! Thread. Right. I've got nearly all I need for this pattern, a Hogwarts crest that is just absolutely perfect, though I'm going to be making some changes to it. It's a famous one by 'littlemojo' that is just a stunning piece of art. This is a free pattern! It's located over on The Leaky with all their other needlework. If you happen to visit and are wondering which of the many versions of the crest this is, it is under Hogwarts Crest V3 by littlemojo.

Stitched by White-Freedom on DeviantArt

Isn't it beautiful? This piece is actually done with one of the changes I wanted to make - in the original, the Hufflepuff Badger (lower left) has the background stitched up in dark blue. As Hufflepuff's colours are yellow and black, I don't understand that colour choice. I'm going to user a darker blue for Ravenclaw (lower right), and a green closer to the background green the stitcher did around the crest itself for Slytherin (upper right). Gryffindor's looks fine with the red it is, so I'll leave that.

Stitcher located here. Book used for scale
See the original colours here? Interesting choice for the Huffles. And it's huge! This stitcher also filled in the background with green - since all the outlines are in black, and both of these pieces were stitched on black, they filled in with green for contrast and visibility (there are plenty where this piece was worked on white or cream cloth!). Definitely looking forward to this one, no matter how many changes I'm going to have to make with it. Hah!

Anyway, that's my update for the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours, I hope I enjoy mine, and may your stitching be tangle free! Until Wednesday, unless something else happens that needs posting. Please check out my art, keep checking back here on my blog, and keep stitching! ~x~

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Getting back to blogging

Hello again! Sorry for the extended break I took from the blog. . . . a lot and nothing has happened at the same time. I've not touched the blog nor my cross stitching since my last post, so that's the nothing side. At the same time, I've been out to library sales, friend's houses, and doing a lot of research on various things lately, so that's the lot of something side. And while I was gone, I got over 1,000 views! Awesome!

Anyway, a wonderful find at previously-mentioned library sales was an amigurumi book! As I posted once before, amigurumi are basically cute items, whether animals or inanimate objects, portrayed in a cute way, and usually with cute faces. By-the-by, that was my most popular post on this blog. Something I should definitely look into! It's the second volume by Ana Paula Rimoli, but I'm happy to find any volume - Amigurumi Two! Crocheted Toys for Me and You and Baby Too.

Among the cuties was a great quick stitch with the yarn I had - a little snail! I didn't stuff it at all, and I didn't put the face on (all eyes in the book are done with plastic eyes, not stitching), and it was still cute! My little brother adored the toy and was running around with it all day, and thinks it's the cutest.

Worm, Snail, and Butterfly. I dunno, it looks more like a bee.
It took me maybe ten minutes to stitch, probably less. Really easy to follow the directions, and is an easy finish, so I'll definitely be doing more of the pieces, definitely! I don't have any of the colours that she uses really (hence a Hufflepuff snail), so it'll be fun working them in silly colours that don't really go together. XD
So that's it for this post. I'll be getting back into cross stitching again and start regular posts as before! Look for more amigurumi to find their way in on some posts too - these little guys are just too sweet to ignore! ~x~

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WIP Wednesdays - Hoods, CDs, and Finishes

Hello July!

Look how far my Mirabilia has gotten!!!

So much progress! Just from where it was when I first started Work In Progress Wednesdays, it's a lot done. I've corrected/replaced a single colour so far. The colour that goes next to the white before the pale blue in the shading around the hood and white 'fur' of the cloak was 3743, a very pale lavender. One of the colours I already had for the project is 3753 so I switched them out, and removed 3743 from the project altogether. It's amazing how much it brightened the piece! That single colour lightened it up and made everything click somehow. I've finally gone up on the hood, and reached the other side of her at last! It got worryingly close to the edge of the fabric there for a while, but it doesn't look so bad now. XD There was actually a mistake when the fabric was cut at the shop where I bought it. The fabric was not the same as what was labeled on the bag - the wrong one had been put back in the bag I picked up, so it's a little bigger count than I had gone for (which was the recommended count on the pattern), resulting in less fabric to work with. Hopefully it'll still be enough to do something with it after I'm finished!!
To think that I started this blog to get me motivated enough to start actually working on linen, and here it is. Nowhere near done, but it's a good deal closer to it than ever!
The finished projects page wasn't updated as I'd planned (got to get around to putting the Valentine's Heart on there still). I did add another link to the Freebies list -  Ink Circles' Celtic and Mandala Based Designs - though I have handful of others that I still have to put on there.
Also, I've finally gotten another KPop CD! My first was Big Bang's Still Alive album near Christmastime of last year. Now another to add to the small and growing collection! This one is D-Unit's "Affirmative Chap. 1."

Well, that's it for this post. . . . I'm thinking of taking the rest of the week off from stitching and give my wrist a break. I've gotten a lot done on the Mirabilia, so I feel like I can do that. XD

Have a good July 4th and enjoy your stitching! ~x~