Monday, 29 September 2014

A Bustle of Progress

Getting close! Another project flying by. None of this was done today - back to school again, and that means shelving stitching until Thursday evening. But since last updated, the girl has come into full view, and most of it is already outlined - just a little bit on the farthest corner left to do. Both the puppy and her face have been started, but not much to show for them at this stage. It'll be a lot of pale peaches for her face and browns for her hair from here on out, but I can do it! XD

And I'm a bit bothered that all this blog has turned into is pretty much a log of daily progress. I'd like to do something more with it than just this, so perhaps starting this weekend I'll get some more things in the works. (:

Monday, 22 September 2014

Give a Bow

Here's the next part! This one is just a little further down than the Bunny couple, and the picture is of my progress up until this morning. Got a lot done! It'll slow down a lot this week now that school is started up again (this past weekend was a good one for stitching), but hopefully I'll get it done in time for another batch of stitching this coming weekend on the third and final piece for this span of fabric.

This one is of a little boy and girl and their puppy performing a New Year bow, an event to get dressed up in your Hanbok and make a ceremonial bow at the start of the new year. There'll be some lattice/door as you can see behind him already, and a branch with blossoms on it (probably cherry) above the little girl who will be to the right of this guy as with the bunny couple. There's actually only two rows of stitching left for him! I was surprised myself stitching it. XD

Saturday, 20 September 2014

All Finished

And the bunnies are done! What a great project this has been. I completed them late last night, actually, and got started on another - but that's for another post! Here's the finished couple - the rest of the pot/urn has been filled in and outlined, and the shadows under their feet got stitched in. The pot gave me the most troubles on the whole piece, when I started one colour a stitch off, and messed up the shading pattern, but got that fixed with a bit of a hasty method. And then they were done! A little further along the fabric to the right of the girl, I've begun the next little pattern I've got. It seems like I'll be able to get three patterns of about the same size along the length of the cloth, so that will be fun to see finished as well!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Pair of Bunnies~

Both the boy and the girl are completed! All that's left is to finish their urn/pot/jar that they are mixing and adding ingredients or hearts to, and that's them finished! I love them. ^ω^

 I am so happy with this piece. Much happier than I have been upon completing a much larger, more complicated piece. I love the colours, the high contrast between the lights and the darks for shading (colours I would never have chosen personally, and got to watch click together just perfect on the fabric), and the way the outlining is sketchily placed. I even like the cheeks, when I thought I would definitely want to fill in the white spot with the dark pink, but left it instead when I found it looked really good on the fabric anyway! I just can't stop singing its praises. xD Can't wait to do another!

Monday, 15 September 2014


Yay progress!

Got the little girl in progress! Her skirt is a few stitches from being done, and her blouse is all completed. Her head is already nearly finished. I love quick projects like these!

I've been stitching this at the end of a long strip of fabric, and I'm playing with the idea of just doing lots of little pieces like this along its length, or whether I should cut them apart and do something with them (decorative pillows or something like that?). It'll depend on how much background work I want to do on each of them. This one has a few hearts and stars around the outside, nothing too extravagant. Eh. I'll probably end up stitching a bunch and leaving them there without ever properly 'finishing' them, as is my wont. Dx It's a fabulous way to wind down after a day at school though! My one downside is that I can't watch my dramas at the same time, since my language skills are good enough to get through a few minutes solid, and then oh, that grandma with the dialect is speaking again, or they've got that fast speaker, filled with technical terms, and there's goes the comprehension. It's getting better, but not that quickly. XD

Sunday, 14 September 2014


I've been gone a long time. Sorry about that. I've had plenty of opportunities to post, and I just haven't taken them. Since my last post, I've started college, fulfilled a week of exams and essay turn ins, started and completed about three dramas and halfway through a fourth, and today added more cross stitching to the list!

Isn't he just adorable? I love him to pieces!! Definitely what I wanted to be stitching. It's not even turned out the way it was supposed to and it's perfect. ^ω^ I can't wait to finish it - there'll be a little pot under that spoon, and a girl on the other side facing him - but I'll probably have to wait a while before it can be finished. There's more school tomorrow! And there'll be more tests this week as well. :( And the second essay for the English class is a hair's breadth away from being assigned; for now we're just discussing the type of paper, but it'll be due sooner than I'd like anyway. I've had a serious cold the past week followed up with a just killer headache today that made everything painful. It was great to have him to work on, keep me from biting anyone's head off!