Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WIP Wednesdays - Hoods, CDs, and Finishes

Hello July!

Look how far my Mirabilia has gotten!!!

So much progress! Just from where it was when I first started Work In Progress Wednesdays, it's a lot done. I've corrected/replaced a single colour so far. The colour that goes next to the white before the pale blue in the shading around the hood and white 'fur' of the cloak was 3743, a very pale lavender. One of the colours I already had for the project is 3753 so I switched them out, and removed 3743 from the project altogether. It's amazing how much it brightened the piece! That single colour lightened it up and made everything click somehow. I've finally gone up on the hood, and reached the other side of her at last! It got worryingly close to the edge of the fabric there for a while, but it doesn't look so bad now. XD There was actually a mistake when the fabric was cut at the shop where I bought it. The fabric was not the same as what was labeled on the bag - the wrong one had been put back in the bag I picked up, so it's a little bigger count than I had gone for (which was the recommended count on the pattern), resulting in less fabric to work with. Hopefully it'll still be enough to do something with it after I'm finished!!
To think that I started this blog to get me motivated enough to start actually working on linen, and here it is. Nowhere near done, but it's a good deal closer to it than ever!
The finished projects page wasn't updated as I'd planned (got to get around to putting the Valentine's Heart on there still). I did add another link to the Freebies list -  Ink Circles' Celtic and Mandala Based Designs - though I have handful of others that I still have to put on there.
Also, I've finally gotten another KPop CD! My first was Big Bang's Still Alive album near Christmastime of last year. Now another to add to the small and growing collection! This one is D-Unit's "Affirmative Chap. 1."

Well, that's it for this post. . . . I'm thinking of taking the rest of the week off from stitching and give my wrist a break. I've gotten a lot done on the Mirabilia, so I feel like I can do that. XD

Have a good July 4th and enjoy your stitching! ~x~