Sunday, 25 August 2013

Goodwill Goodies

Picking up a small bag of what looks to be a few bits of fabric and some threads turned out to be something quite different! While yes there was fabric and there were threads inside, there were a lot more pieces of fabric than I had anticipated, as well as a lot more than just thread!

First of all there are these kits, from Embellishment Village, that I can't seem to find on their website. . . .

The one to the left is labeled as Squared Off Tote bag - Safari Colors and the one to the right (which I now have three of) are called Create a Card Kits under 'Events.' A search of their website doesn't pull up any cards, much less kits; and the closest you get is 'curve appeal' bags rather than totes, so I don't know where these came from or how old they are. They've got some great beads in them! Mostly themed for young families, they have a grey/pewter/silver charm that is of the back of a car with the engraving 'Just Married,' as well as a charm of little baby feet, like those ink imprints of their soles. There are flowers and hearts and regular beads of square and long rod shapes as well though, so much can be done here!

The tote bag beads has one giant white feather, and then various brown, black, and white beads in what I suppose are their 'Indian shaped beads.' I haven't a clue. XD The bags the beads are attached to are full of weird ribbons, with different textures, widths, and metallics, with very little obvious use. I have no idea how these things would have been put on cards or tote bags, and with the price on the back of them stating each is $15 I wouldn't have bought them to find out either! There are no instructions with any of the pieces, so I guess there won't be any enlightenment arriving anytime soon. XD

Along with that are the glorious sorted fabrics:

I can't wait to find a use for the Christmas-y red and green and gold plaid there in the corner! It also came with that hoop inside, as well as a lot of needles left in fabrics and in various little kits, so hardware came with the soft! There are two different blues, the one on top of the pink being the tiniest shade more grey-blue than sky blue. You can't honestly tell a difference until you put them on top of each other, and then it's obvious they aren't the same! Then there's the pink, a scrap of white, and a weird one that remind me of plastic tablecloths with the odd coloured stripes. No idea what I'm going to do with that. Finally in the little bag below the hoop is some wheat coloured fabric that proudly declares itself as being a cotton/polyester/linen mix. All of it seems to be by the same brandname, and all of it looks to be 14 count.

Along with those comes a handful of those tiny little ornament kits that you can get for doing a five minute stitch (and coincidentally the ones I would never buy):

The line of blue on the top piece by the teddy says 'Friendship. . . There's something'

Lots of Christmas in the bag. I'll have to redo all those little squares of fabric into Halloween goodness for sure! There was plenty of thread to go with it, including a gold metallic, and a white that has the most interesting braided texture to it. The rest are pretty ordinary, and many happen to be the same threads that I'm using in my Mirabilia! There's the typical glob of thread you get from prepackaged kits so that's a chunk of unnamed colours. For $4, I'd say that was an excellent bag of goodies. ;)


Monday, 19 August 2013


I had intended this post for the last Wednesday in July, but I really didn't want to take pictures then. I don't know why, it's just point and click, but I was lazy. And now it's August! I have no idea where the time went. :S

Anyway, what I've been working on lately was my Mirabilia of course, and an Amigurumi Squid. Pictures will be with my Wednesday post, so I don't keep delaying this one any longer.

We were working on getting back to a school-day schedule around the house (somewhat grudgingly - but who doesn't?), but have been somewhat lax lately. Oops! School supplies are all bought at last (I think). I actually love this time of year - all the notebooks and writing supplies on sale and readily available everywhere is fabulous!!

And boy has the weather been back-to-school! It's felt like October, all Halloween-y lately. The windows have been thrown wide open to invite all that lovely fall air in as much as possible. What a lovely summer this has been - wet and cool all the way through. At the beginning of August I finally got to take the second comforter off my bed (yes, that cool), and now I've had to put it back on! Hopefully winter will be even cooler, and very snowy!

I've also been painting stairs lately - I'm planning on painting them to look like book spines. So far, I've only got a few books that I know I'm going to be putting on them (nowhere near enough), and three stairs coloured appropriately. The others were primed for colour later, though they'll be colours unknown for now! Mostly it seems to be Austen books - as I'm going for titles everyone in the family is supplying - such as Emma, Northanger Abbey, namely, as well as Jane Eyre, Harry Potter (only Harry Potter, not a specific title in the series), Brambly Hedge (a kids book), and possibly Bleak House. With fourteen stairs to paint, it's not all that I needed, so I'll be begging for titles up to the end, I think! And with the recent purchase of black paint for the lettering, I'm thinking I'll start on the actual writing of titles soon, though I'm sort of dreading it. If it turns out wonky or not at all the way I want it to (which is extremely likely) I'll hate it forever, and looking at them everyday won't help. I've got to gear myself up for this!!

So, time to get back to a regular update schedule, and pull out some of my other works again. I've been bad and only worked on the Mirabilia, and though I'm very happy with the progress made, nothing else is getting done either. And since I got a lovely comment on my Halloween carousel horse, I'll be starting with that one! XD

And has anyone been keeping up with The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery?? (Link is to their Facebook page where all the lovely snaps show up.) They're teasing us with images of both Halloween and Autumn themed pieces!! Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for further pictures of them as people start stitching so I can watch in awe as my favourite holiday unfolds before me on fabric. XD

That'll be all for this post, though I'll definitely get one up in time for Wednesday - another WIP Wednesday at last! And I might post something for TV Tuesdays again - I've got an amazing drama to recommend!

Until next time then ~x~