Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Outlining the Bright Pair

Her colours are all done! There's just a little more outlining left from this point, and she'll be completely finished!

I've gotten the book the boy holds started on the side there, in that weak brown colour. Though there are plenty enough days where I think this work looks all wrong, today I'm eagerly anticipating seeing him grow as well.


Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Summer Walk

I took a walk around my neighbourhood today! I took a trip through the yard and a couple of streets and back again.

I'm trying to get my health back to full strength, as whatever it is keeps dogging my steps. Moving around and keeping active in small doses seems to be helping today, so I took it easy but had a little fun taking photos of all the beautiful trees about the house.

I love how mysterious some places look, right up next to a house or a car, how the orderly gardens and smooth lawns flow right into the overflowing wealth of plantlife in the miniature woods round about.

There's a pond/lake about five minutes by foot from the house, and this being the South, that means more mosquitoes and biting bugs than you can appreciate. I made sure to wrap up in a gauzy coverall to keep them off my arms and protect from the sun filtering through the cloud layer of another wonderfully grey day and took my camera out for a spin.

Going out for a walk when you don't have to hurry, or have a destination in mind, is one of the finest ways to clear your mind. I love our little neighbourhood with all its little roads and hills that feel so magical and mysterious - you half expect some little elf or fairy to appear at any moment!

There's another place several streets over that I absolutely adore to walk through. It dips down a little from the surrounding houses and it's perceptibly cooler. But the trees and bushes there are absolutely sparkling with energy. There's something really very special there. I think my next walk might just take me all that way to snap a few and post them up here to share.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Butterflies and Skulls - Nearly Finished!

Thought I would write up a quick post before I signed off the computer for the evening, and show all the lovely progress on my Bright Coloured Pair!

Isn't she lovely? My Mother and I finally figured out the right pink between us and I was able to get the skirt down at last, and since then it's all been smooth sailing (knock on wood!).

All that's left is to stitch her eyes and finish her hair ornament, then the ever-necessary backstitching. There are a couple of flutterbys and hearts that will fill some of the empty space between her and the boy beside her, and I've gotten those started as I've come across them.

Night before, I had filled in most everything on the face and she looked rather skeletal! I loved it: had to take a snap. XD
I later noticed I had made some errors on the edges of her face and in the braid, and had to fill in a few extra stitches here.

We'll be able to see her companion soon! Hopefully I'll remember to take photos during the day next time. Even with a much better camera, it still looks rather gloomy to take snaps at night.


Friday, 10 July 2015

Rise of the Guardians Quick Stitch!

Finally got to working on some cross stitch again!

I wanted to pick up again on my Supernatural piece, but the Fey have taken it. >.<

What do you think?  I've got North (Santa), an Elf, and Tooth all finished!

The original Tooth wasn't to my tastes at all. The colours were wrong, and the shape wasn't right. I know the 'egg bodies' are the same shape for everybody, but it just wasn't working for me. I think I'll also be narrowing down Frost and Pitch, as those were also slimmer characters (especially Frost), but the shape works very well with Claus and Sandman.

So I grabbed an image off the web and worked from there:

I narrowed the body by a row in width, and made the middle section taller so there would be less green (meaning: more rows of teal in the middle of the body and only two rows of green at the top instead of the green being the largest band of colour). I found a really awesome floss at the store last trip (DMC 444) and it just worked perfectly as that bright, main yellow feather. I also simplified a bit, and used only one dark blue for the edge feathers and the bottom of the body instead of using two different shades.

Then my little brother and I picked out new pinks for her wings, instead of the peaches that were used in the original pattern (the darker shade on the bottom of each wing was originally the same colour as the face). I also brought the wings closer together and omitted the one at the top of her head: three looked like enough wing.

Apart from all the fun changes I've been making, my favourite character is still that little elf! I used one strand of metallic gold and stitched over the same square three times to bind the tail down properly and get enough on there to actually sparkle.

Still haven't stitched Santa's beard yet though....

 I've been extremely sick lately, with Gods-Know-What, and that put a hold on basically everything. I did manage to watch all the way through the most perfect drama I've ever watched (Healer!) that I would love to review at some point. I only got three books read in June, but I've finished one already this July and I'm working on its sequel - The School for Good and Evil!

I love the cover art for these books. The art on the inside is just as good, but the covers are so beautiful in their glorious colour. I've never actually read all of this one, which is why I'm trying to read it this year. I loved the first one when I picked it up a few years back but never really got into the second. Here's hoping to enjoying it this time around!