Friday, 26 July 2013


The blog has been redone! Without patterns or ability to stitch correctly, I did something that was marginally useful - redoing the appearance of the blog! I like purple best, so here it is in all its purpley glory! XD What do you think? I've even changed fonts and font sizes, so is it any clearer to read/follow, or less so? Hopefully better.

Luckily, I did finally locate my Mirabilia pattern! It appeared last night beside the car in the garage - a place it most definitely was not before, because I had checked. Interesting. Anyway, I had a burst of stitching power, and got a lot done on Winter's Maiden! I've gotten her face nearly completely done (just the eyes left) and worked more on the hood and hair, as well as filled in a lot of places I had left undone. Yay! :D

There's still outlining to do on her face to define her features, as well as outlining some places on the fur trim. See those blue squares on the white? Those are beads in the original pattern, as well as several stitches surrounding them. Since I don't have the beads for this work, I'm stitching the equivalent colour in thread. That means that the surrounding stitches don't show up, just like it didn't with the Autumn Maiden's necklace, where it was too pale to pick up against the skin colours on her neck. Like I outlined on Autumn to define the 'beads,' I'll pick up the blue I used to make the blue 'bead stitches' to outline and define those places on the trim. There's a lot more to the hood too! I want to know how much hair this lady has. XD

So yes, I did get something done this week, it just took all week to get there. Tomorrow's a library book sale, so I'll be able to immerse myself in lovely books and recharge for a while until the next book sale! Haha.