Friday, 25 November 2016

Borders of Holly

Borders everywhere!!

I haven't yet pulled the other threads I'll need for this project from my stash, so I'm just going as far as I can with the colours I do have! I did go through and grab 906 & 907 for the greens - I love how bright and Christmassy they look!

I'm also going back over "Winter" and probably the row of checkered reds with one more thread, just to fill in more of the square and keep the white of the fabric from bleeding through as much as it is.

Thanksgiving went well - early dinner, and we all watched "A Christmas Carol" (Patrick Stewart), continuing the family tradition of watching a version of "Scrooge" on Thanksgiving day! Today's the day for decorations and probably carols Supersizers Go marathons - I'll be stitching as much as I can in the down time!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Cranberry Reds

Stitching every other day - progress is being made!

Trying to balance three blogs and schoolwork is a bit of a hassle! But luckily I managed to get some more done on my stitching yesterday: the row of red is complete! Another slight colour swap: I used 321 and 3777 here. These reds are warmer and deeper; reminds me more of winter-y cranberry sauces and Christmas ribbons. 💗

Also set up the Advent candles today!

I wrote a bit more about them on my other blog, but I'll be lighting one candle every Monday from here until Christmas!

Is it cold where you are? It's finally cold enough to need the heater and warm blankets here!


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Winter Time

I woke up November 1st, and said "Now it's Yuletide." It's just felt so much like Yule all month - and it's been fantastic.

So I have been wanting to do something snowy & wintery for ages. We're finally winding down on the school term - only three classes left! - and after a big load of homework finally got finished Monday, I pulled out fabric and thread for a nice Wednesday of stitching.

This is Soda Stitch's Four Seasons: Winter, and I love it already!

I have made a slight colour change - swapping the golds for 743 & 972; this is a regular change I make for pretty much all Soda Stitch patterns at this point: just a personal preference.

Now back to the eggnog and Christmas specials! XD