Mean Sprites

I have lost my Mirabilia pattern.

Not kidding.

I had in my hand, I put it with my laptop and the bag of threads/fabric I was taking over to my Grandmother's house so I'd have something to do during the evening. And now it's just gone. It's not with the computer (since I'm typing on it right now), it's not where the laptop had been, it's not in the car, at Grandma's house, or anywhere visible in my house.


This is my biggest project!! This is the longest consistently worked on piece I've done in my life. This poor pattern has been folded and refolded in every which direction that it's falling to pieces already. Maybe it disintegrated. And it's just gone.

Seriously, whatever juju/sprite/imp/jinn is hanging around this house/me, taking my threads and now my patterns has got to take a hike, and stay on one. This is not good. >:[