Thursday, 15 May 2014

Toss Up

Somehow I missed Wednesday! I spent the entire day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday. DX I have no idea how that happened. -_- At any rate, I have a lot of progress to show!

My absolute favourite in the entire piece is now that owl. I can't get over how well it turned out. XD I'm also really surprised at how much I like the porcupines and their edited leaves - changing green to red - though I'm not sure I'm liking the wind swirls (not in this picture). And November is fully finished as well! I did pick up on July's Fox, and got the head finished but for outlines, and then the horrid filament for the rest of the dandelions. Can't. . . . wait. . . .

For the past two days I've been watching Taiwanese dramas. Namely 'Fall In Love With Me' (all five episodes I hadn't seen yet in a row, on one day), and 'Just You,' in which I'm up to episode 7. These two are the BEST. Okay, Fall in Love With Me is higher on the list. I cannot wait for new installments. Just You is great, but just not as good. XD

Taiwanese dramas make me happier than anything else I do in my free time. No matter what they are, they always seem to get me smiling and in love with the story faster and for longer than any other show. Often that can be my downfall - Substitute Princess' lackluster ending crushing all the happiness I gained from it - but otherwise they leave me bubbly and happy for hours after watching them. XD

But of course spending two days enjoying myself so thoroughly means I need to be brought back down. And brought back down I was. I learned this afternoon, as I scrolled down through my Facebook feed, that EXO's Kris is going to the courts to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment. A sure sign you like a group too much is when you hear something like this and then spend the rest of the day with a lead weight in your chest. Everything just. . . . fell. There's a lot of rumour going around at this point, some saying it's true, and it's confirmed by the lawyers, others are saying none of it's confirmed, and some people are saying they are just going to go over the contract again, like they've done in the past, rather than it being a termination. But with what other group members are posting/doing on the internet (namely Instagram and Weibo) makes me think that it's not going to be dismissed as rumour anytime soon.

All I can think is - SM is really well known for 'slave contracts' and mistreating their artists. So many groups in the past have been broken up, members filing in the courts to get rid of their contracts and get away from SM, that it's almost a given with them. And all I can think is that, with this as a well known fact, he knew what he was signing on for. . . . and then it was so bad that he wants to get out. Now. In the middle of promotions for their latest comeback. What on earth happened that made it so bad, so quick, that he needs to get out immediately? I don't know - no one who isn't directly involved really knows - and the whole case isn't going to be public so it's likely that no one will ever really know what went on. I really hope and pray that he's okay right now, and all 11 of the other band members. I just. . . . wish SM didn't have to be this way. It won't be the same without Kris, the leader of EXO-M. It won't be the same. But I sincerely hope that if it's that bad there, that he is driven to this, that he can come to a good settlement with the whole thing. That he can walk free and be okay.

Ugh. See what I mean? Lead weight.

Anyway, enough with the down stuff. I'm busy going through my things and getting rid of as much as I can, sifting through books, clothes, and cross stitch supplies. I've got quite the stacks of goods to give away or throw out! I'll be getting back to that now before I pick up any more stitching (or drama episodes), so - hope to write again on next Wednesday! The actual Wednesday! XD

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Porcupines, Squirrels, and Owls Oh My

So the owl didn't get done. But the rest of it did!

All but the last two boxes at the bottom are stitched in (using up the last of the 869 I was using to complete November's), and all the month names have been stitched! I really like the colour I found for it, it's very Fall-y. Just a few more additions here and there - the snow on the squirrel's branch, the stems on the leaves in September, and a little more work on the owl's part will see this section done! I just need to go back to July and finish that poor fox and the sparkly dandelions. Dx