Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Square Finish and Cookies!

The tree square is complete!

And the cookies are begun!

I'm playing around with the idea of stitching a tiny bit of outline around the yellow tree pot - maybe in a light brown or burnt orange?

The smaller tree has its lights and the additional snowflakes; it'll have it's little blue pot shortly!  I love the brilliant yellow: finally, a use for the skein of neon 444 that had been languishing in the box for so long!

It's almost Christmas!!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Wreaths & Evergreen

There's been a good deal of evergreen cheer added since last I posted!

My poor wreath has been stitched three times at this point - some small error has me coming back to rip it out and correct each time I return to it! I thought I had it all settled at last, but then, in putting in the gold on the ribbon, discovered that the upper quarter on the left had been brought over a stitch too far somehow! So it had to come out again.

All the golds from the pot to the garlands are changed from the original pattern, as well as the two browns used in the tree trunk - there is little left to the original in this piece! I believe so far only the red in the border is the same as the pattern? I'm very happy with the brighter colours! And it has been really enjoyable to stitch a winter-y piece in front of our tree, with all the lights a-glow.

The weather here has gotten so very cold!! The cats sleep directly under the radiator half the time, and the sky is nearly always a lovely chilly grey. It's been getting below freezing at night - we are hopeful for a little snow!!

(Please note that I've redited all the photos for this project and updated all the posts accordingly)


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Velvet Sett & Christmas Trees!

The plaid/tartan is coming along beautifully! I like these colours so well, I'm very tempted to pull out the 'Cranberry Reds' and replace them with these!

The greens are finished on the first tree! There'll be another snowflake and lots of little lights dotted over it soon enough. For now, I'm enjoying stitching the tartan. It looks a lot more purple in person, especially in the evenings - in the picture above it looks almost exactly like the cover photo, but in person not at all! I'm using 3350 & 902; it looks a bit more like the below photo:

It's nice to have a predictable section of tartan here though: I can pick it up and leave off wherever, without needing to carry around the pattern. Very helpful while I'm busy with meetings and final exams and bustling around!


Friday, 25 November 2016

Borders of Holly

Borders everywhere!!

I haven't yet pulled the other threads I'll need for this project from my stash, so I'm just going as far as I can with the colours I do have! I did go through and grab 906 & 907 for the greens - I love how bright and Christmassy they look!

I'm also going back over "Winter" and probably the row of checkered reds with one more thread, just to fill in more of the square and keep the white of the fabric from bleeding through as much as it is.

Thanksgiving went well - early dinner, and we all watched "A Christmas Carol" (Patrick Stewart), continuing the family tradition of watching a version of "Scrooge" on Thanksgiving day! Today's the day for decorations and probably carols Supersizers Go marathons - I'll be stitching as much as I can in the down time!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Cranberry Reds

Stitching every other day - progress is being made!

Trying to balance three blogs and schoolwork is a bit of a hassle! But luckily I managed to get some more done on my stitching yesterday: the row of red is complete! Another slight colour swap: I used 321 and 3777 here. These reds are warmer and deeper; reminds me more of winter-y cranberry sauces and Christmas ribbons. 💗

Also set up the Advent candles today!

I wrote a bit more about them on my other blog, but I'll be lighting one candle every Monday from here until Christmas!

Is it cold where you are? It's finally cold enough to need the heater and warm blankets here!


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Winter Time

I woke up November 1st, and said "Now it's Yuletide." It's just felt so much like Yule all month - and it's been fantastic.

So I have been wanting to do something snowy & wintery for ages. We're finally winding down on the school term - only three classes left! - and after a big load of homework finally got finished Monday, I pulled out fabric and thread for a nice Wednesday of stitching.

This is Soda Stitch's Four Seasons: Winter, and I love it already!

I have made a slight colour change - swapping the golds for 743 & 972; this is a regular change I make for pretty much all Soda Stitch patterns at this point: just a personal preference.

Now back to the eggnog and Christmas specials! XD


Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Wingful of Progress

Finally have an update to share!

Found some time and inclination to work on the Not Forgotten piece again!

The Gryphon's wing up by Noah is finished, as well as the beam at the edge of the boat. I'm still not sure what to do about the entirety of the boat - I've got a variegated thread that I think is probably too light to look right; so I dyed one skein darker with coffee, but I know that can bleed, so I don't want to use it either. I'm planning on doing a few test runs with a few blends of threads, using the browns already used in the pattern, to see if I can come up with a good mix on my own before I resort to using the coffee version!

And there it is, just a quick update. I haven't been able to get anything else done between other priorities, so I'm sorry that I never did get photos taken of my jeonmo as I promised to that lovely commenter - I hope your project goes/has gone very well!!


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Dearth of Posts


Yeah, I've been very absent from this blog lately. There's been school and running another blog/Facebook page/Tumblr all at the same time, and I really haven't done anything that could be posted here.

I did get a new petticoat from my mom and sister - they saw it in a thrift store and brought it home. XD It's way too long to wear under anything I own yet though! I'll have to make longer skirts just to wear the petticoat, haha. So I'll still need to finish the one I was working on!

There's also a wedding I'll be going to in November, so I'm thinking I should get finished on that dress in the fabric I found!

I do also need to get a move on in the Halloween costume department. I still want to do something all-white, since I do have seven yards of white cloth to use. Hopefully I'll be able to get that moving along soon. . . . When I do, I definitely will update here again!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Slow Summer & Net Petticoats

Finally a post!

It's been a pretty slow summer. I've gotten a lot started, but not a lot finished. Lots of books in progress, lots of clothes in progress, but nothing really done. But finally! A finish (of a sort)!

Looking around in a cupboard of patterns, I discovered a long length of cloth I'd forgotten about and all this net that I had begun to make a petticoat out of following the instructions on Sugardale for the net/tulle version. (I think I got this started at least last year.) There were a few mistakes - I had to take the bottom tier apart and resew one seam because I had managed to attach it twisted up without realising it (working with a strip of fabric 8 yards long can really overwhelm you). Then I had to sew up some patches in the second tier, as it had somehow gotten torn up in places. But it was quick enough to put together once I got going!

The whole project took around three days of handsewing. (I sewed by hand because I was too lazy to figure out any of the sewing machines.) Not all day long sewing, but a section in the morning, and in the evenings, and so on. I'm pretty happy with it!

Next is sewing up an underskirt for it, and an overlay. All three layers will then be gathered to the waist. I think I've got enough of this lovely flowery fabric to make these last layers, and then I have loads of bias tape to finish up edges!

Hopefully I can keep going on this project & get it finished after so long!

Friday, 10 June 2016

The Sparkle!!

Just LOOK at this thread!!

My Mom found it on Thursday when she stopped in at the Michael's. Isn't it just fantastic? I used a bit of it that night - just the blue portions - to do the sparkly lid of the eye on the one sea serpent, and I am fully intending to use this wondrous thing for the fins/frill on the second sea serpent!!

In other news, the first sea serpent is finished colour-wise except for the very tip of the tail that will be peeking out out of the water a little farther over from where the body ends now.



Thursday, 9 June 2016

Successful Sea Serpents

I remembered what they're called! XD

And I found a set of colours to use. I actually did have one of the colours - the lightest colour that is on the chest/belly there. So that one worked. The rest I had to replace.

From darkest to lightest: 3808, 3809, & 3810, and I'm using one strand of 3808 (the darkest) and one strand of 792 (a blue violet) for the frill/fins on the head and down the neck. You're supposed to use one strand of each for that part; I just didn't have either in my stash. >.< It is so much more purple in person - I messed around with the colours in my photo editor for a while, but the fabric starts to turn purple instead of the thread. Dx

I'm absolutely in love with these serpents, though; it's great fun to stitch them! It looks like I'll need one more colour blend for the second serpent's fins, and these guys will be finished as quickly as I can sew them!


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Gryphons and Unicorns (Not Forgotten)

I thought I had updated this more recently than I had!

Since the last time I posted, I've added a Unicorn and half, two Yeti noses, and nearly one Gryphon.

I've left out the lightest shading on the Unicorn's mane because I didn't like it. I've got two different metallics going in the Gryphon/griffin so I can use more of the different golds I have in my stash! The darker Kreinik is reserved to the claws and beak, while the Light Effects paler gold replaces the Kreinik on the body and wings.

I don't really have a lot of the threads I need for this project. I'm missing 16 total regular DMC off the list, so I while I want to start doing the. . . .water serpents? (I've just completely forgotten what to call them). . . .below Noah, I don't have either of the colours that are blended for the fins on the top of the head and down the back. *sigh* I like swapping threads, but it can be exhausting. I'll keep working on and off with this one and the Supernatural piece - I want to get that one done as well but I hate the mistakes I've made and the way I stitched back when I got it started makes me want to rip it all out and start over. Dx

Anyway, cheers to a semi-regular update! Everyone everywhere has been having a lot of rain and flooding, so stay safe and dry out there this June!


Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hanbok - Making Jeonmo (Hats)

I took a stab at making my own Jeonmo (전모)! That's the special hat that you always see the gisaeng wearing in dramas. I had planned to make one for a long while - I kept an eye out at every thrift store I visited for large lamp shades, to see if I could remake one into a hat. I finally did find a really big one quite some time ago, but it just sat in my closet, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Time Slip Dr. Jin
And it finally did! I wanted to do something crafty, and next thing I knew I had set up shop in the bathroom and was busy making a hat.

First off - it's not the best looking, at least on the inside. It was a little too large for what I wanted, so I needed to trim it down a little. Then I definitely wanted a different colour than textured tan!

So I decided to try taking off a little at a time, and marked off a couple of inches near a seam. Using a Sharpie and the tape measure, I made a little dotted line around the bottom edge roughly two inches from the edge. I couldn't get through the stiff wire on the bottom (which I really wish I could have kept for stability, but really, it was just too big to preserve it), so I bent it a little at the dotted line and got my scissors through, then cut around from there.

I was actually pretty happy with it the way it was, so I didn't cut off anymore. I did trim the edges up to smooth them out as much as I could.

Then I had to decide what to do about the colour. I have some Hanbok currently in progress, and all of them are some form of light blue, so I thought something that could coordinate with that would be better than something more random. I had a nice yellow fabric, but didn't think it would go too well with what I was making. Then as I was looking, I found some short dresses I had set aside to be given away or thrown out, and knew I could repurpose the skirts - what is with me and repurposing skirts??

Anyway, I cut it off at the waist, a nice circle skirt of good black cotton, and ironed it. Then I got the cat fur out of it.

I'm not even kidding. Next was figuring out adhesion - so I grabbed my younger brother's glue sticks, and used two of them to just glue the fabric straight on the shade (why is there so little glue in a glue stick?). It worked out pretty well - the fabric stuck right away, but it didn't dry too quickly to make adjustments, or slide around and dry in odd shapes like liquid glues do. Bonus points all around!! XD

The skirts themselves were made of two pieces of cloth in that special angled shape that gives a circle skirt its width and fullness. I cut the two apart at the seams and laid it across the lamp shade to cover as much ground as possible without wrinkling, and worked to the edges. When I got to where the pieces overlapped, I cut off the excess, folded one edge under, and glued it onto the top of the other piece to form a 'seam.'

The top of the 'hat' bothers me. There's no real way to seal it. I left excess fabric there, and I'm thinking I may just permanently attach the veil so you can't see what's going on at the crown of the hat.

After that was finished, I migrated back to my bedroom, satisfied with how size and look overall. I grabbed the yellow fabric I had tried out earlier and lined the inside to cover up the stains, using a third glue stick. Again, I just laid a couple of pieces of fabric inside and glued until I reached the overlaps, then glued one edge down, cut the excess fabric off the other and folded over for a 'seam.'

It is so much more yellow than this - bad lighting, guys

Then I needed to solve how this would rest on my head. I intend to wear this with a gisaeng wig, the big bunches and braids of hair helping raise the hat off my head, but I couldn't just plop it down. I located a small basket that I was supposed to use for knick knacks and hair ties (but didn't), and tried that out - 9 inches across the open top, 6 across the bottom, it was a perfect fit when inverted, so I stuck that down in the hat and got out needle and thread.

Little helper makes appearance!

I sewed across the larger bars you can see spearing out from the center bottom in the basket and attached them to the bars at the top of the lamp shade. I sewed through the extra fabric left at the top to hold it all down and closed. Hopefully the basket will stay - worming the needle through the wicker so it didn't split the wicker itself was a pain for my fingers, thimbles or no!

Next is to finish the bottom edges. I'm debating more glue or trying a running stitch. I want to bring the excess black over the edge and to the inside and cut off the excess yellow. But I got pretty sick the same evening I was working and stayed out of it for several days after - I've just got over the lingering cough in the past two days & I got all this done on the 27 of May. So it's back in the closet waiting for the finishing touches.

Hopefully I can get it finished up soon to show you the final look! Bit of a random update, but a good one, I hope!


Tuesday, 10 May 2016


My secret project! I haven't been able to post this because my Mother checks in on the blog from time to time, and I couldn't give it away before her birthday!

Gnomes! We all love gnomes at least a little bit, right?? I came across this pattern earlier in the year and hung onto it with the vague idea of sewing it up for her at some point. Then I thought - hey, why not for her birthday?

And man, that was a good idea, and a really bad idea, because I didn't quite have enough time as I thought I would. School and exams prevented me from really getting a good start on it until the end of April, and then I also got started on Not Forgotten (which was a really good cover for my project. It's just big enough to hide the gnomes completely whenever my Mom came in the room!).

I literally stitched several whole days and a couple of nights. I have never in my life of sewing done quite that much in quite that short amount of time before, and it was exciting and exhausting at the same time. Dx I loved being able to see them come into view, and having to push through mistakes quicker than my usual, but man I've about injured my forearms with all the repetitive motion again!

This one above is my favourite. A total edit from the original male gnome into another girl to represent my sister; plus restyling the braids to be made from the hat. My sister has short hair as a general rule, so her hair wouldn't be in long braids; plus she has a hat or two with braids over the ears! I gave another patch to her clothes to take up the blank space left by the removal of the original beard and redid some of the shading.

Colour changes: I used 824 & 825 for the blues; 321 & 498 for the reds; 895 & 904 for the greens; 921 for the red/orange braids, and 938 for the brown hair. The rest - yellow, white, black, and grey, the skin tone (though I did only use 945, no shading) - were all as charted.