Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

I dropped off the internet for a while. Cross stitch has been one big block for me, and I've spent my time doing other things.

Look at my Halloween countdown widget! All counted down! I'll hate to see it go back to big numbers in preparation for next year's. :(

Namely was finally finishing my Hanbok! Last time I posted anything about this was back in September, when I finished the chima, or skirt. Since then, I scrapped the jeogori, or blouse/jacket top, and redid it. This time I'm very happy with it! I finished it all yesterday, so literally just in time for Halloween. I still have pins in the bloody thing to hold the tie on, and probably will forever, because I'm just too worn out with the sewing machine to finish tacking it on. I want to look for proper ribbon as well, or something that's already got a finished edge - otherwise my machine will eat the strip of fabric I've got. This is all done without patterns - just using pictures of finished Hanboks and watching videos of people putting on Hanbok so I can see how the skirt is held, where ties go, etc. It was the most fun I'd had with a project in a long time, even though exasperating at many points, so I'm a little sad to be finished with it. Ah well, I'll just have to make another one soon!

What do you think? The left side of the collar does go over the right, but these photos were flipped somehow in the process of taking them, and flipping them again makes them go all wonky. :\

While cross stitching hasn't been the number one occupation, I have gotten much further in my Woodland Sampler.

A skunk for August!!! He's so cute!! Meanwhile, July has been a pain with the sparkly thread I chose to use. I'm blending a strand of sparkling filament and white DMC to stitch the dandelion seeds, and it is a serious pain to work with. I've got to fill in two and do the last one next to the little fox's head. Below him is September, which is full of fall leaves and porcupines!

This obviously is not mine
I'm definitely going to replace the green. Perhaps a bright orange?

It's time to go get ready for Halloween! There's house tidying, candy readying, and party cooking to get going, so I shall return - after the holiday! Hope everyone has a great one!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sparkly Fireflies!

I've got June finished on my Woodland Sampler!

This time I'm using the printer to scan my stitching, since I heard of some people doing that - and it turned out much better than my webcam pictures!!! I'm very happy with that. XD I'll just have to figure out a way to zoom in on certain parts of the piece now.

I used some metallic gold around the firefly, and changed up the pattern a bit, by stitching yellow and gold for the light from the firefly. In the original pattern, there is no yellow -

- nor any sparklies! I much prefer the variation, which I can't claim as my own idea. Lurking on their Facebook page you get to see so many creative people come up with their own additions and changes to the patterns.

Next up is either August or July, and I'm debating what to do with the colours for July. July's has a lot of white in it, and since my fabric is so pale, white basically doesn't show up at all. I had to do some major editing on January's Snowflakes (which were my own invention, thanks ;) just to make them appear, and that's with super white, sorta-sparkly, textured specialty thread. Hmm. August on the other hand is all rich reds and blacks, with a skunk as the main focus!, so it'd be easier to stitch on. I've seen a variation of July with the white replaced as purple, but I don't know if I'd want to go that route!

So that's that for this post. Hopefully I'll work out how make scans closer up of certain parts of the sampler, get some more stitched (though I'm looking at a really long story to read right now. . . . ), and maybe snack some more. XD Until next time, with another Freebies Spotlight! ~x~

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Freebies Spotlight: Dragons

Welcome to Freebies Spotlight! Rather than just listing them all to the side, I'll also give you posts you can look for so you know exactly where to find what you want to stitch. And of course the obvious starting point is one many people and stitchers love to capture: Dragons.

First up are 47 Dragons (and the occasional Dinosaur) courtesy of Jessica Tromp. They're very simple, and at least some of them are from games, I believe. Only a few of them come with legends to show what colours to use for the piece, while the rest are for you to decide what colours to use. Here's a sampling of what you will find on her site:

Here are some simple, cute key chain pieces from a French blog.

Cross Stitch has a fine selection of free Dragons for those who want something more involved and detailed., as well as the cute Dragon that I posted about near the start of my blog.

If you want dragons for the Christmas season, look no further than Carand88 on DeviantART.

And also thanks to Carand88, these 'Nebula Dragons' are fabulous dragons to stitch as a set or individually.

Next is Teresa Wentzler herself, in the form of her freebies page! As many good designers do, a page of free patterns is provided for those who'd like a taste of her style without the cost of a pattern. Among these are the popularly stitched 'Stretch the Magic Dragon' and my personal favourite of hers "Tempest in a Tea Cup."

There you are! These are all the dragon links I currently have to free patterns. If you know of any others, please post a link that I may add to the ever-growing list and pass them on to stitchers looking for a magical creature to stitch! More Spotlights to follow soon!