Wednesday, 16 January 2013

One Big Mess

I finally got up the courage to start a cardweaving project tonight. It's not the leaves on the vine pattern I had intended but a (supposedly) simpler project from this set. The one I had chosen was the second one from the top, and I was trying the four foward, four backward that would result in the diamond pattern.


Apparently that is wayy beyond my skill set, because not only did it take me over an hour to sort the ridiculous mess that occurred when I attempted to thread the cards for the first time (and I still don't know if I threaded them right, S versus Z threading and all that); once I finally got started, the tension was all wrong and the pattern wasn't coming out at all. Just some weird flecks of blue-and-white that looked like a messy cool braid of a thousand strands, but not the pattern I was going for at all. I was going to stick with it and just see how it went along as I got further, but then one of the outside cards got two of its strands knotted together on one side. O.O Needless to say, I put it all down right quick.

I've been watching videos and reading every site that has anything to say on the matter, but apparently I didn't learn enough because the book learning is definitely not translating here. I wish I could get someone to teach me, but that's not going to happen anytime quick. Grr. Perhaps another go tomorrow or next week when I get up the courage to try again. And I still don't know how to thread S versus Z!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Trouble With Winter

Well, I can't seem to get Winter figured out. Lady Autumn had some interesting colour combinations with the fruit and all, but they seemed to even out in the end. But Winter I can't get a good grasp on.

Somehow or another, the purple in the pattern on Winter's side has become blue in the conversion from Needlepaints to DMC. I'm not too fussed about that - blue goes well as Winter anyway. But then the inside of the sleeves to the robe she's wearing haven't turned out that odd blue-grey-green, but just straight up pine green. It doesn't look good at all, and definitely doesn't look like well done shading. Ugh. From the start it's been one thing after another with Winter, and at this rate I don't know if I'll ever get her side done!

On Autumn's side I've completed all but the lightest shade in the face, and I've stitched the entire outer border. I'll be bringing up the middle border next (and perhaps coming up with some motto to take the place of Winter, should this continue to be so disastrously messy! XD). Hopefully there'll be some good news to share on this front next time I post but so far it's been dreadful. I'm thinking about rewriting some portions of the pattern, and I'll definitely have to replace some colours altogether if I want it to look half as good as Autumn's side. I'm hoping to find a good blue-grey selection to have for the inside of the sleeves, or something of that nature, and I may be taking the odd striping of colours on the back of the robs out and redoing that with more natural shading rather than design. Phoey. This just keeps getting better and better. >.<

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Mummy, Merlin, & Mirabilia

I've nearly completed the other side of the harvest bundle on Lady Autumn, and I've extended the palest skin colour all the way up to the tip of her chin. Both hands are finished, though remain without outline for now, and her shoulders are majorily complete! All thanks to the Mummy and Merlin, allowing me to sit and stitch for a while uninterrupted!

I have been taking pictures of my progress, but unfortunately Blogspot is being strange and isn't allowing me to upload any at the moment. I should be able to complete the second band entirely, and more than likely finish off everything to her head, if not doing part of her head. I'm debating whether or not to continue with Autumn once I've completed the top half of the pattern, or if I should catch Winter up to the same point first. Decisions, decisions. XD

Another replacement on the pattern - 'Wisper' thread. There are some points on Winter's side, on the white trim of her cloak, that they stitched with a white, slightly fuzzy thread. It gives the impression of fur trim to her cloak, which is quite nice, but honestly unless you're looking for it you can't even tell it's there. And since I'm replacing all the beadwork, guess what's going to happen with the Wisper thread? That's right, it's gone. Consider this is the frugal stitcher from here on out! To preserve an element of that thread though, I'm not going to replace the Wisper thread with simple white. I've gone with the Bright White, a really brilliant kind of the white stuff, so it'll pop and look different to the white in other parts of the same piece. Hopefully I'll get to it soon enough that you can see the difference between white and brilliant white, if you're unaware of how they look in comparison to each other.

On the Resolutions side of things - yes, I still haven't forgotten about them! - I wrote down a list of my resolutions in my notebook and I'm keeping them out where I can see them! The thread sorting hasn't begun as of yet, but I hope to get to that this evening as a break in my stitching proper. I've gathered up my previous cross stitch projects, and I'll be sorting out their threads at some point too. I'm looking to try and get some of them done this year as well, but the Mirabilia takes front and centre on there. (And yes, I do have resolutions concerning things beside stitching - such as writing - but I don't think anyone would be interested in a list of resolutions on a crafting blog!)

Hope you have much luck in keeping up with your resolutions this year, and that your stitching is tangle-free!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

First post of the new year - 2013!!! How can it have come so soon? It feels like it all went so quickly. XD

Ready for it yet? Still totally unprepared, or what?

And any resolutions made? Mine are few and rather simple, such as going to bed earlier (it takes me about an hour to get to sleep after I get to bed, so I need to account for that in getting ready for bed), sorting out my thread, finally clearing away the moving boxes and such from around the house....

On the subject of threads look at this! Found this at Walmart yesterday, and it looks perfect for threads! They're all in little bags, so they should fit fine. It's been difficult to find anything to hold all of them, so this is definitely a break-through!

And here's an update on my Mirabilia! It's looking really good, I think. One hand is finished (minus outlining), and where I am now, I'm completing the sleeve for the other arm. The colours for the fruit are looking a lot better with all of them in place, and in picture. They don't look quite so blended and smooth in person - perhaps the reason the picture on the front of the pattern is so small?
The colours are looking a lot better with all of them in place, and in picture. I was getting worried while stitching the round fruit, as the colour don't appear to match those of the original pattern. They don't look quite so blended and smooth in person - perhaps the reason the picture on the front of the pattern is so small? But they definitely look much better now that all the colours are there. I also made a stop by the Hobby Lobby yesterday, and got all the remaining threads I need for the project - all the replacement threads for Needlepaints, as well as for the beads. I've decided to totally remove all beads from the project, and simply treat them as normal cross stitch. I did find a conversion chart for Mill Hill Beads to DMC threads here. (It is a PDF file.) That was a WONDERFUL find, and saved me a lot of trouble. So onwards with Autumn and, very soon, Winter!

Well, though it is a short post, it's there! I hope you all have a blessed and fabulous 2013, and that you continue to stop by and check out my works in the coming months!