Goth Hello Kitty

I'm posting today, and not tomorrow, and then do a Friday post. Hopefully. Hopefully. . .

Anyway, Amigurumi has found a home on the blog! I've added some Amigurumi links to the 'Free Patterns' list (which has been moved further up on the side there so you don't have to scroll down so far to get to them). There are lots of really sweet patterns for beginners and expert crocheters alike, so check them out!

What I've been working on is an . . . . adaptation of a Hello Kitty pattern I found on Ravelry. You will have to open or log into an account on Ravelry to be able to see it. It's completely free, and is available as a PDF download from the website. I haven't liked the pattern too much, there have been way too many places where I've gotten either too many or too few stitches in a round as compared to the pattern, but otherwise has been alright. It looks fine when completed anyway! I'm not happy with the face I did, as I don't have the felt they use so I had to crochet my own features onto the doll. It doesn't look like Hello Kitty, but some sort of Amigurumi-Ballerina-Goth-Cat thing. Oh boy. I need practice, methinks. (;
This, except black rather than blue or pink

I've given it a rest. . . . halfway through the body itself, I keep losing count and making mistakes, and I don't even know why. DX I shouldn't be, I know very well how to crochet and have done much more complicated works than this before. It just isn't working out for me today to stitch. :( I've gotten both arms and the head completed, and that's not bad I suppose. Just legs, body, ears, and skirt to go. . . .

I don't know, I just feel so tired lately. There's been so much swirling in my mind, refusing to settle that it makes me nearly sick. I want to just open my head and pour all those extra thoughts and worries out and just forget about them - I need a Pensieve - but that's not going to happen any time soon. :( Being mostly distracted is definitely going to take a toll on stitching, so I'll just have to let it rest for the day and pick it up in the evening or tomorrow. I've started the Celtic Wheel of the Year by Joan Elliott three times already over the weekend. Once, the fabric count was way too small, and I didn't like it, though I may end up stitching on it anyway (25 count. Makes the pillow size pattern into a pincushion size pattern. It's tiny). Second time, since I had no rulers to measure, I started on a piece of fabric too small. Third time was a mess. As you can see, my mind is totally up and gone someplace else for vacation a business trip. I can usually think while I'm stitching and things make more sense if I can stitch at the same time, but if I can't even get started I'm definitely in a pickle! I'll try the Mirabilia, and if I screw that up, I may just declare it a day for the week and really go on vacation. sigh

Enough troubles and whining. Hopefully on Friday you will get to see some lovely pictures of material progress! Even if it's another thousand little snails in a rainbow of colours, it'll be something and you're going to like it! 8D Aish, I'll get something done for Friday, I promise. Likely cross-stitching. But it'll be there, whatever it is.

Enough rambling too. Have a good week everyone! Better luck stitching than I!! ~x~