Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Square Finish and Cookies!

The tree square is complete!

And the cookies are begun!

I'm playing around with the idea of stitching a tiny bit of outline around the yellow tree pot - maybe in a light brown or burnt orange?

The smaller tree has its lights and the additional snowflakes; it'll have it's little blue pot shortly!  I love the brilliant yellow: finally, a use for the skein of neon 444 that had been languishing in the box for so long!

It's almost Christmas!!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Wreaths & Evergreen

There's been a good deal of evergreen cheer added since last I posted!

My poor wreath has been stitched three times at this point - some small error has me coming back to rip it out and correct each time I return to it! I thought I had it all settled at last, but then, in putting in the gold on the ribbon, discovered that the upper quarter on the left had been brought over a stitch too far somehow! So it had to come out again.

All the golds from the pot to the garlands are changed from the original pattern, as well as the two browns used in the tree trunk - there is little left to the original in this piece! I believe so far only the red in the border is the same as the pattern? I'm very happy with the brighter colours! And it has been really enjoyable to stitch a winter-y piece in front of our tree, with all the lights a-glow.

The weather here has gotten so very cold!! The cats sleep directly under the radiator half the time, and the sky is nearly always a lovely chilly grey. It's been getting below freezing at night - we are hopeful for a little snow!!

(Please note that I've redited all the photos for this project and updated all the posts accordingly)


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Velvet Sett & Christmas Trees!

The plaid/tartan is coming along beautifully! I like these colours so well, I'm very tempted to pull out the 'Cranberry Reds' and replace them with these!

The greens are finished on the first tree! There'll be another snowflake and lots of little lights dotted over it soon enough. For now, I'm enjoying stitching the tartan. It looks a lot more purple in person, especially in the evenings - in the picture above it looks almost exactly like the cover photo, but in person not at all! I'm using 3350 & 902; it looks a bit more like the below photo:

It's nice to have a predictable section of tartan here though: I can pick it up and leave off wherever, without needing to carry around the pattern. Very helpful while I'm busy with meetings and final exams and bustling around!