Getting back to blogging

Hello again! Sorry for the extended break I took from the blog. . . . a lot and nothing has happened at the same time. I've not touched the blog nor my cross stitching since my last post, so that's the nothing side. At the same time, I've been out to library sales, friend's houses, and doing a lot of research on various things lately, so that's the lot of something side. And while I was gone, I got over 1,000 views! Awesome!

Anyway, a wonderful find at previously-mentioned library sales was an amigurumi book! As I posted once before, amigurumi are basically cute items, whether animals or inanimate objects, portrayed in a cute way, and usually with cute faces. By-the-by, that was my most popular post on this blog. Something I should definitely look into! It's the second volume by Ana Paula Rimoli, but I'm happy to find any volume - Amigurumi Two! Crocheted Toys for Me and You and Baby Too.

Among the cuties was a great quick stitch with the yarn I had - a little snail! I didn't stuff it at all, and I didn't put the face on (all eyes in the book are done with plastic eyes, not stitching), and it was still cute! My little brother adored the toy and was running around with it all day, and thinks it's the cutest.

Worm, Snail, and Butterfly. I dunno, it looks more like a bee.
It took me maybe ten minutes to stitch, probably less. Really easy to follow the directions, and is an easy finish, so I'll definitely be doing more of the pieces, definitely! I don't have any of the colours that she uses really (hence a Hufflepuff snail), so it'll be fun working them in silly colours that don't really go together. XD
So that's it for this post. I'll be getting back into cross stitching again and start regular posts as before! Look for more amigurumi to find their way in on some posts too - these little guys are just too sweet to ignore! ~x~