Saturday, 19 March 2016

Finished Trio!!!

They're done! The entire banner is finished!

I can hardly believe it. I was finished with the third piece two days ago, but I wondered if I needed to add the candle or not. The lovely people in the Soda Stitch Group on Facebook convinced me to add the candle, and I'm glad it's there now. XD

Now what do I do? I'll need to get a new project to work on like this one. And I'll have to start my Summer Girl soon! We're into the last month & a half of college here - one last push through and we'll be into the Summer before we know it!

I don't know if I'll actually do an entire post on their garb. I may not; I won't now because I've got to go out soon; suffice it to say for now that they are wearing wedding attire.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Everything is green & blooming & looks beautiful in the photos, but I would really like to be able to breathe - allergies are awful, miserable things. :D

All the white is done and her face nearly finished! I think I'll have her finished before the day is out!

I'll leave you with this lovely blooming specimen from the backyard. ^.^


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Blues, Reds, & Greens Galore!

She's halfway done!

It would be easier at this point, honestly, to just say what I haven't changed, colour-wise, on this piece. XD I picked a new set of reds and of greens, and the golds & blues are the new colours I had already picked out for the boy's side. So. . . the greys and the skin tones are the same? I think that's all I haven't changed (so far)!

I'm using 304 & 777 for the skirt; 304 was the colour to use for the darker portions of the skirt, but I used them for the lighter portions. 581 was the same - the darker colour for the green in the coat - but I used it for the lighter portions and used 470 for the shading. Grabbed 760 for the lighter pink in the flowers, and unpicked the pink on her cheeks to use 304 for it to be more representative of real life.

But stitching her is so much fun! All the different, rich colours to use; it's always a bit of a disappointment to have nothing left but the face, and row after row of the same peach. XD


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Well This is Cool

Browsing through my Blogger homepage, I saw a link that meant someone had visited from Windy Words as "swankivy." I know that. Don't I? So I clicked through and discovered that the author of the book The Invisible Orientation had found my review on my stitchy blog.

It was really excited to know that someone I follow on Goodreads and an author had visited anything I'd made - and that she collects people's reviews and adds them to her blog there. That's cool, that means I'll be on there, and yep, sure enough I am:

And really, that's actually neat. I had no idea that the Asexuality Archive had written a book; but I wasn't referencing a book; I meant that simply going and looking at the articles in their original format was what was beneficial to me. I had heard from multiple reviewers that The Invisible Orientation was written as adapted from blog posts, so that's what I took it as. If untrue - I'm sorry I put forth misinformation.

I am actually sorry I didn't like this book more. Maybe it's because I was already introduced so I didn't have the same glowing aha! moment to associate with it.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One Head Down - Progress Minus Eyebrows!

I completely forgot to put his eyebrow on when I outlined. XD

Looks more serene, though, right? XD I got it fixed, as you can see below. His whole head now is finished, from hat to collar. The collar bugs me a little though - this one and the previous one had the collar right over left, instead of the usual order. I've seen many traditional pieces, but mostly in dramas, so I wonder if there is a special reason that they are reversed in the New Year and this Noble's clothing or if it was more of a cosmetic change for the pattern/perspective. I changed it to my liking based on this photo, in which, if you look at the man on the left, the exact same garments that my little Soda boy is wearing are worn by a real person.

Plus more colour changes! Switched up the golds in here for 728 & 972, and I like how golden bright they are. I wasn't sure about the blues for his robe, and when I dug them out and compared them to each other, I really didn't care for the mix. Using the same photo linked above, I got a new set all picked out and started - I'm almost afraid that he'll be too brilliantly coloured when I didn't make any major colour changes to the previous two pieces!

And there is snow!! Snow is coming down this afternoon! It was bright and sunny but in extremely cold this morning, and then by noon all the clouds had arrived and it was getting as dark as a winter evening - but what is it about falling snow that makes it seem brighter somehow? And it's actually sticking!