Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Deanist Walk

I took a walk around my neighbourhood today! I took a trip through the yard and a couple of streets and back again.

I'm trying to get my health back to full strength, as whatever it is keeps dogging my steps. Moving around and keeping active in small doses seems to be helping today, so I took it easy but had a little fun taking photos of all the beautiful trees about the house.

I love how mysterious some places look, right up next to a house or a car, how the orderly gardens and smooth lawns flow right into the overflowing wealth of plantlife in the miniature woods round about.

There's a pond/lake about five minutes by foot from the house, and this being the South, that means more mosquitoes and biting bugs than you can appreciate. I made sure to wrap up in a gauzy coverall to keep them off my arms and protect from the sun filtering through the cloud layer of another wonderfully grey day and took my camera out for a spin.

I think the best part of walking and observing the mystery of trees brings the idea of divinity that little bit closer to home. I can more easily think about and appreciate the wonder of creation when I'm actually looking at it in person - all the more so when I don't have to go anywhere, when I don't have to hurry, and I can just stand here and look at that lovely hill, that dense tangle of leaves and bark, the bright profusion of delicate flowers.

There's another place several streets over that I absolutely adore to walk through. It dips down a little from the surrounding houses and it's perceptibly cooler. But the trees and bushes there are absolutely sparkling with energy. There's something really very special there. I think my next walk might just take me all that way to snap a few and post them up here to share.

*Note: Deanism/Deanist is slightly separate from Filianism, as Deanists generally believe in a Mother Goddess without the doctrine of the Daughter, though they can take the Scripture of the Daughter as inspired poetry that can offer much good to the reader; the name comes from "Dea" or Goddess/Female God. Filianism, from Latin "filia," meaning "daughter," focuses on the worship of the Daughter of the Mother Goddess.