Butterflies and Skulls - Nearly Finished!

Thought I would write up a quick post before I signed off the computer for the evening, and show all the lovely progress on my Bright Coloured Pair!

Isn't she lovely? My Mother and I finally figured out the right pink between us and I was able to get the skirt down at last, and since then it's all been smooth sailing (knock on wood!).

All that's left is to stitch her eyes and finish her hair ornament, then the ever-necessary backstitching. There are a couple of flutterbys and hearts that will fill some of the empty space between her and the boy beside her, and I've gotten those started as I've come across them.

Night before, I had filled in most everything on the face and she looked rather skeletal! I loved it: had to take a snap. XD
I later noticed I had made some errors on the edges of her face and in the braid, and had to fill in a few extra stitches here.

We'll be able to see her companion soon! Hopefully I'll remember to take photos during the day next time. Even with a much better camera, it still looks rather gloomy to take snaps at night.