Thursday, 1 December 2016

Velvet Sett & Christmas Trees!

The plaid/tartan is coming along beautifully! I like these colours so well, I'm very tempted to pull out the 'Cranberry Reds' and replace them with these!

The greens are finished on the first tree! There'll be another snowflake and lots of little lights dotted over it soon enough. For now, I'm enjoying stitching the tartan. It looks a lot more purple in person, especially in the evenings - in the picture above it looks almost exactly like the cover photo, but in person not at all! I'm using 3350 & 902; it looks a bit more like the below photo:

It's nice to have a predictable section of tartan here though: I can pick it up and leave off wherever, without needing to carry around the pattern. Very helpful while I'm busy with meetings and final exams and bustling around!