Saturday, 12 March 2016

Blues, Reds, & Greens Galore!

She's halfway done!

It would be easier at this point, honestly, to just say what I haven't changed, colour-wise, on this piece. XD I picked a new set of reds and of greens, and the golds & blues are the new colours I had already picked out for the boy's side. So. . . the greys and the skin tones are the same? I think that's all I haven't changed (so far)!

I'm using 304 & 777 for the skirt; 304 was the colour to use for the darker portions of the skirt, but I used them for the lighter portions. 581 was the same - the darker colour for the green in the coat - but I used it for the lighter portions and used 470 for the shading. Grabbed 760 for the lighter pink in the flowers, and unpicked the pink on her cheeks to use 304 for it to be more representative of real life.

But stitching her is so much fun! All the different, rich colours to use; it's always a bit of a disappointment to have nothing left but the face, and row after row of the same peach. XD