Saturday, 7 June 2014

Why I Hate Gluten-Free

There are times when I absolutely hate being gluten free.

It's not like it's hard enough skipping all the delicious alfredos, spaghettis, lasagnas, pizzas, cakes, brownies, and cookies, and every battered-and-fried delicacy you can think of. It's every little dig that 'well this has no calories so you should like it' and start playing up 'well such and such ingredient is free range, and organic, and rated whatever excellent' just to jab at you. Some think it's cute and funny to say stuff like this, others are fully aware of what they're doing, trying to get a rise out of you, because obviously you're only eating that way because you want to be a size zero model. (And since when was being on the thin side a punishable offence?)

I'm not gluten free by choice. It's not my fad diet, not what I chose because I inherently believe in the weight-dropping properties of a gluten free diet. I didn't wake up one day and skip the toast because I wanted to look slim and follow the trends. No. My body utterly hates and rejects forcibly anything with gluten in it - even just a bite. I am physically ill, my stomach feels like it's attempting to ingest itself for the next 24 hours, and my bones hurt. Every joint in my skeleton makes itself well known to me, everything cracking and popping, and hurting like I'm going to just shatter apart at any moment. Yes, that one bite is terrible, and no thank you I won't have it.

There are those who have taken up the diet of free will and discovered that by not eating breads and other forms of wheat, they lose and keep off weight. They can still eat wheat otherwise, without pain, but they'd rather keep their figure. I say power to them! You're being healthy about it, you're eating well for your body then by all means skip the wheat!

Then there are those that do actually do it just to follow a trend, be the exception in a crowd and get a little attention. They don't care about the health benefits or negatives when it comes to wheat, and some aren't even fully aware exactly what all wheat is in (it's in a lot. A lot.). In a few years when it will be fashionable to be allergic to papayas, or root vegetables, or purple protein shakes, these people will move right along with it and keep being 'special.' And it's these people that give those who really hurt a bad name. Makes everyone they meet immediately dismiss their problems out of hand, because obviously they're just following the fad. They don't really have problems, and if they do, it can't be that bad, can it? Just a bite or two. Isn't there some medicine for that, you can just take a pill or a shot and eat it anyway?

I guess there really isn't a point to this post. Just blowing off some steam from another day of try this and eat that, and you're just overreacting/being stubborn/ridiculous, so just eat it anyway. And I know I promised pictures again but I'm working on the piece again! I've reworked the entire last square in the Woodland Sampler (it was off by one stitch, and it was really bugging me - got it ripped out and redone!), and have gotten the December square started, with the house nearly finished, and two of three trees done! Perhaps the next photo of my sampler will be a completed piece photo! :DDD

My younger sister also graduated from high school today! Got to watch her walk across the stage and be insanely jealous and cheer for her, and everything. Course, it won't be long now for the next step - stopping by the local college next week to set up her next few years of education (for which, being a smarty-pants, she gets the first two years free!). Very happy for her, and can't wait to see where she goes next. ^.^


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

It's June. . . .

Ergh. . . . so it's been since May that I've posted?? DX And now it's June. . . .

I've been dabbling on a lot of different projects in the time elapsed. I've read nearly 30 books since January (trying hard to push through the last two - at this rate I'll never finish all the books I want to by December); I've begun a corset - which has two sides assembled, hand-sewn flat-felled seams, and one bone sewn in; I've been playing around with my Manchu Banner Dress (I really don't want to cut the good fabric!); I've cut the pieces for a new Hanbok top; I've broken a sewing machine (as per usual, it's when I have to change the bobbin. I live in dread of changing bobbins.); I've drawn two new portraits; and I've begun the last two squares on my Woodland Sampler!


I've also started up a review of math, starting in algebra and working forward. I'm really hoping to get through as much as possible this summer, but I have no idea how far I can actually get. I managed three hours yesterday, but my hand/wrist was just so worn out today that I could only get about an hour and half today before I had to quit. There are too many projects taking up my hand - hand-sewing a corset since I broken the sewing machine, as well as cross stitching, drawing practice, and three+ hours writing is not a good mix on my hand. Either projects have to be dropped, or my hand will. DX My right arm across the top all the way to my elbow hurts right now, though I'd really like to finish up a few blog posts and get them ready for posting later throughout the upcoming week or two!

I never feel busy, but when I get to recording it all, and when my wrist starts giving out on me I realize I've got a lot going. O.O

Since my last post, I did finish another drama (Just You; best drama in a long while, seriously), and I've kept up with the one-episode-a-week torture of Taiwanese airing schedules on Fall In Love With Me. And that's about it on that front. I've not continued watching Secret Love Affair, I Can Hear Your Voice, or any of the others.

Tomorrow (as it's night currently, and there's no way pictures will come out right), I'll get some snaps of the Woodland Sampler as well as my sewing projects! I'll keep attempting to get good shots of my portraits, but I can't make any promises. I really wanted to upload them already to DeviantArt, but even that can't happen because my drawing is too light for the scanner to pick up and I keep getting bad angles on my webcam. It sounds like excuses, but really every time I think I've gotten a good shot for once, I look at it straight on and think it's dreadful. I'll keep attempting!!

Until then!