A-Z Cross Stitch List and Finished Heart!

A new post outside of the typical WIPs and UFOs I've been doing the past few weeks. If nothing else than to break up the list of WIPs and UFOs on the list of past posts, here it is. XD

In the midst of creating a list of the books I've read or plan to read this summer (when I'm not busy with needles and thread, that is), I wondered if I could do a similar plan for my stitching. A friend of mine once sent me a page that asked readers to see if they could create a list of books that they had read - one for every letter of the alphabet. It was a little more flexible in that the first letter of the title wasn't the only criteria, but the first letter of the author's name could also count, and I was able to come up with everything but X and Z (okay, I had to include a Dutch magazine to get the U. It's harder than you think!). In the midst of attempting to recreate a list with books I've read recently, I realized I could come up with more completed cross stitch than I could books. XD

Along with the list, I finally finished that Valentine's Heart! It's nowhere near perfect - I've pulled a lot of stitches too tight in places, and being left out goodness knows where for two years has made a couple of places less-than-white (though you can't tell on my camera. :DD). There are actually NO MISTAKES in this piece!!! I know, crazy right? But yep, everything was in the right spots on this one for once. I got it started in 2011 when the pattern was first posted - the reason this was on the UFO Friday posts - and it took me a little over a week all said and done to get it finished at last. Lots of procrastination on this one, but finally completed. Hooray!

It almost didn't get done, though - that white I bought to replace the ridiculous amount I already have that keeps going missing was almost thrown away later the same night I bought it! It was left in another bag, not the sketchbook one as I had thought, and the plastic bags were minutes away from being thrown in the trash when I realized I didn't have it and my Mom and I checked the other bags. XD I don't know what sprites or household spirits were hanging out with this piece, but I'd really love the return of my white any day now. Seriously. I had to stitch this one with three strands rather than two, so I actually used up a lot more than I thought I would. Good thing one skein was enough though! Because I'm about to go bankrupt buying white. XD

Could you come up with a list from A to Z of pieces you've stitched? How about only completed pieces? Or only in-progress pieces, for all of us procrastinators out there?? Are you a reader, and maybe have 26 titles to add to your list? I'd love to know! Here's my list of cross stitched pieces. And yes I've read fewer books than that this year. I've actually only read most of two.

C - Carousel Horse, Halloween
HHalloween Motif Pumpkin, Hogwarts Crest (I'm soon going to replace it with this pattern)
I - I'm Late! I'm Late! (White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland)
L - Larkspurs (Flower of the Month for July)
M - Mini Desserts/Dessert of the Month Club
V - Valentine's Heart
W - Welcome

Links for Valentine's Heart, both Hogwarts Crests, and Larkspurs are to the original patterns from which I stitched. All others are to pages on this blog to show you my progress and/or finished pieces. So if you'd like to stitch the same Heart I did, click up there at V for Valentine's Heart and get crafty! There's no colour key, stitch how you please. I chose to do white over red because I wanted to do the inverse of what was shown with the pattern, though I really love the black over white fabric versions I've seen - those are so elegant! Choose whatever fabrics and threads you want or have to hand - it's a really easy stitch, honestly. I started this in 2011, when I wasn't that great of a stitcher, and the pattern was so easy to follow along on, I didn't even need to mark out what I had done (as I always have to do otherwise I get lost and make massive mistakes).

I'll update this list again in the future - you start your own list and see how many you've got done or in-progress! I'm restricting my list to only the titles of the actual pieces, but you could follow the original 'rules' and include the author's/creator's name as a possibility for alphabetizing too (e.g. you have two pieces for 'M' but nothing for 'N' and one of the pieces was designed by Nora Corbett, you could put one under N for her name, and the other for M. The same could work for last names if you wanted, too!).

Well, until Wednesday then. Time to get to work on some more pieces so I can officially add them to my list! ~x~