UFO Fridays - Halloween Pumpkin Complete!

Since the last Friday post, I was able to get one of my UFOs done!! I don't expect a repeat performance, however. XD

The white fabric is killer on my camera...I can't get it to stop blurring!!

This project has got to be the one most-fudged project I've ever done. When I make mistakes as big as this one on other projects, I always either figure out the mistake and correct it, no matter how bad it was and how much I have to rip out, or quit working on it altogether! This time however, I was so close to finishing, and the mistake didn't really matter here, since they were motifs swirling together rather than something that had to be perfect. The spacing with other motifs still worked out, so I left the mistake as it was. It turned out alright, I think!

Right. Now for a big weekend of stitchery for plenty of progress in the coming week, and lots of updates!

Until then, may your stitching be tangle free! ~x~