Nearly Finished Autumn!

I've found time to stitch! I've actually had time to stitch! I don't know if it will be sustainable over the semester, but I've found time!!

I've dropped the white from two places in the pattern so far - from the tie on the blouse and on the yellow portion of the second layer on the skirt. I simply stitched the white areas with the lightest purple I was using on the tie, and swapped the white for a paler yellow on the skirt. I have a few of the motifs stitched in, but not all, and the left sleeve has been begun. All but the pink on the bag is finished, and her hair/braid is finished but for outlining.

It's odd - she's the only one in the entire set who does not have a hair tie visible in the finished piece. It's tucked behind her to make room for the crysanthemums, of course, but it's still a little like she's missing something! She'll make up for it with her lovely butterfly ornaments, I'm sure.

Stay warm!