Lady Autumn & 2013

I promised that there would be a picture update of my Mirabilia in my next post so here it is!
It's growing so much!! I got to start using some exciting new colours at last, now that I'm beginning the harvest bundle she's carrying. I'm not quite sure what all of it is supposed to be - perhaps just some colour rather than specific crops! As you can see, I've gone all the way to the left-hand border, though I haven't stitched the border itself yet - I think it's a single stitch wide, and in the same brown as the middle. Autumn's hands will start to appear somewhere in the band that I'm doing as well, so by the time this band of stitching is finished there'll be a headless Lady stitched on my linen! You might notice some 'blank' spots in the stitching that I've previously completed, along the right hand side in the swath of palest colours. It's a blend of two colours and in previous projects blending two colours has never gone very well for me. I'll get to it, I promise (and I keep my promises!), I'm just holding off on it for a little while longer. XD

And I found the conversion chart! I barely had 'Needlepaints' typed in the search bar, and the conversion chart to DMC was one of the suggestions. It's a good thing I had not planned to use the Needlepaints, as 2101-2106 for certain are no longer in production, and all the colours of 2101-2106 are colours I needed for Winter! Thankfully, all the colours have been matched for me on this chart, so all I have to do is dig through the bags of thread I have to find them!

I have also discovered some beads hidden in the harvest bundle that I had noticed until I began stitching. Sigh. I guess this means finding the beads online so I can replace them with matching coloured thread, as I planned to do on Winter's side (which has a lot of beads in the border work).

On another thread, is everyone nearly ready for 2013? We're down the last days here (only two to go!), so is everything prepared for the new year? Writing those last blog posts, organizing your threads and projects, cleaning up the house, and mentally preparing yourself for all the mistakes you're going to make writing 2012 rather than 2013? Or are you just lazing around the house in the aftermath of Christmas? I'm doing a mixture of both, it seems. Today is a cleaning and blog-posting sort of day, I think!

As I'm not sure if I'll post again until the January 1st date, I'll wish you a Happy New Year here before I run off to sort thread. Winter calls!