Sunday, 9 December 2012

Autumn, Winter, & Peeps

I finally stopped putting off my Mirabilia linen project and got started! It looks woefully small at the moment, especially compared to how much more there is to do, but the linen is getting much more familiar to work with (knock on wood). Once I sat down and looked properly at the fabric, it wasn't that hard to figure out where to put the needle, and after watching a YouTube video to confirm, I started stitching! My only problem with it now is that I don't have all the thread colours I need in one place. Handy thing that. Currently, I have the 24 or so thread colours I had to purchase in a bag, and that's generally what I'm pulling from. The rest of in this mess:

Yes, that's right, four gallon plastic bags full of threads (how I needed to buy more threads after having all that is beyond me). They're in there somewhere! Once upon a time there was a large box all these fit in nicely in numerical order. But the box, as boxes like to do, fell apart at the seams and the threads had to move to their temporary home. I had to look through every one of these one by one to see what threads I had and didn't for this project, and finding the remainder is....daunting to say the least. XD

Otherwise, it's full steam ahead for Autumn and Winter! I'll be taking a picture of my progress every 'stitching day' and hopefully compiling them into a video to show them coming to life. Fingers crossed for that one! In the meantime, here's the first picture to show you how far I've got to go:

The pattern (which is huge once unfolded) was quite nicely printed on two sides of the same paper, divided exactly at the halfway point of it all. I just had to find the quarter mark (the brown line, which is the divider between Autumn's portrait and Winter's) and begin.

And for something cute and also seasonal, check out these quickly addictive sweeties:

Omo, they're so good! Needless to say we went through these in less than ten minutes (it would've been shorter, but some people had to come back from school to enjoy their 'gingerbread'). They don't taste like gingerbread per say, but man are they tasty. Best peep I've ever had. XD Just one question: do you eat the head off first, or the limbs?