Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I Solemnly Swear. . .

WOW has it been a long time since I last checked in here!

Thought the place needed a new look, so everything is summery oranges and golds now.

And I do have updates to share!

First is that I did graduate this Spring - at the start of May! - and have been rather unsure of what to do with myself since then.

Second is that I do have cross stitch work to show!

This is a Harry Potter piece, from Fiddlesticks AU, the Ravenclaw version of their piece called "Solemnly Swear." I'm very tempted to follow it up with Mischief Managed!

The finished (Gryffindor) version looks like this:

Mine will look a little more like this when it's finished:

But with the bottom letters filled in, most likely!

The fabric I'm working on is 32 ct - linen by the feel of it. It came in a bag with a bunch of other fabrics that we grabbed when the local store closed - someone's lovely little border is stitched along one corner:

I wonder what they had been planning to stitch! It makes me more determined to finish this piece though; that way no one stumbles across this fabric again and wonders - "huh, what was this going to say?" This fabric deserves a finished design! XD