A Wingful of Progress

Finally have an update to share!

Found some time and inclination to work on the Not Forgotten piece again!

The Gryphon's wing up by Noah is finished, as well as the beam at the edge of the boat. I'm still not sure what to do about the entirety of the boat - I've got a variegated thread that I think is probably too light to look right; so I dyed one skein darker with coffee, but I know that can bleed, so I don't want to use it either. I'm planning on doing a few test runs with a few blends of threads, using the browns already used in the pattern, to see if I can come up with a good mix on my own before I resort to using the coffee version!

And there it is, just a quick update. I haven't been able to get anything else done between other priorities, so I'm sorry that I never did get photos taken of my jeonmo as I promised to that lovely commenter - I hope your project goes/has gone very well!!