Thursday, 9 June 2016

Successful Sea Serpents

I remembered what they're called! XD

And I found a set of colours to use. I actually did have one of the colours - the lightest colour that is on the chest/belly there. So that one worked. The rest I had to replace.

From darkest to lightest: 3808, 3809, & 3810, and I'm using one strand of 3808 (the darkest) and one strand of 792 (a blue violet) for the frill/fins on the head and down the neck. You're supposed to use one strand of each for that part; I just didn't have either in my stash. >.< It is so much more purple in person - I messed around with the colours in my photo editor for a while, but the fabric starts to turn purple instead of the thread. Dx

I'm absolutely in love with these serpents, though; it's great fun to stitch them! It looks like I'll need one more colour blend for the second serpent's fins, and these guys will be finished as quickly as I can sew them!