Tuesday, 10 May 2016


My secret project! I haven't been able to post this because my Mother checks in on the blog from time to time, and I couldn't give it away before her birthday!

Gnomes! We all love gnomes at least a little bit, right?? I came across this pattern earlier in the year and hung onto it with the vague idea of sewing it up for her at some point. Then I thought - hey, why not for her birthday?

And man, that was a good idea, and a really bad idea, because I didn't quite have enough time as I thought I would. School and exams prevented me from really getting a good start on it until the end of April, and then I also got started on Not Forgotten (which was a really good cover for my project. It's just big enough to hide the gnomes completely whenever my Mom came in the room!).

I literally stitched several whole days and a couple of nights. I have never in my life of sewing done quite that much in quite that short amount of time before, and it was exciting and exhausting at the same time. Dx I loved being able to see them come into view, and having to push through mistakes quicker than my usual, but man I've about injured my forearms with all the repetitive motion again!

This one above is my favourite. A total edit from the original male gnome into another girl to represent my sister; plus restyling the braids to be made from the hat. My sister has short hair as a general rule, so her hair wouldn't be in long braids; plus she has a hat or two with braids over the ears! I gave another patch to her clothes to take up the blank space left by the removal of the original beard and redid some of the shading.

Colour changes: I used 824 & 825 for the blues; 321 & 498 for the reds; 895 & 904 for the greens; 921 for the red/orange braids, and 938 for the brown hair. The rest - yellow, white, black, and grey, the skin tone (though I did only use 945, no shading) - were all as charted.