Scottish Folds, Soda Stitch, and Tornado Warnings

A new finish!

I started this set of small pieces back in 2014 and left this one a little over halfway finished in September of that year. I joined a Facebook group for Soda Stitch and wanted to take pictures of what I had - & finally remembered that I had these floating around somewhere!

I changed the pattern a little in this one - I didn't want to stitch a small dog, because I really don't like small dogs of any type. But I love cats, so I thought: why not a Scottish Fold? I wouldn't have to change the ears much, and the fluffiness of the head/chest would work well with a Scottish Fold! So I eyeballed a place to stop on the ears and changed the outlining a bit to suit the different shape; paying special attention to reworking the tail to make it more like the cat I was imitating (pretty much just a page of Bing Images of various Scottish Folds!). I think it turned out pretty well?

Other than that, I replaced one thread colour in the hair to smooth out the blending (780 instead of 783), did a whole lot of fudging to 'correct' (work around) an error I made somewhere in the region of the boys hands and lower body, and after all that, I think this is possibly my favourite piece of all time. Of everything I've made. XD

Today's finish is thanks to the alarming weather in the American Southeast today: we had a tornado warning this morning when we got up, and a funnel cloud was spotted about 5 miles away from us. We didn't leave the house today as we had planned, so I stayed in and stitched!

This piece has a few names. '복 받으세요' (bohk bahd-euh-say-yoh) is Korean for "Receive Happiness," translated on the pattern cover as saying "Receive Good Fortune," and is commonly said around the New Year, both Solar & Lunar. This one is Lunar - you can tell by the pale pink blossoms behind them (meaning early spring, not December), as well as their attire: Lunar New Year is when many families visit with each other, dress traditionally, eat traditional foods, and make a New Year bow to their elders, a more formal, extended bow all the way to the floor. (I've chosen the tag "Give A Bow" for this piece, since it relates to what is shown in the pattern.)

You can kind of see the dog in the cover photo here: