Sunday, 10 January 2016

Mansfield Park at College + Last Progress Update

Okay, so perhaps a bit of a misleading title - college begins tomorrow. Obviously I'm not there yet. But I wanted to share my progress before I went off to my next semester. It's likely with the work I'll be doing, I won't be updating again this semester like last year, so if that is so - hope everyone has a great spring!

I finally discovered how awesome Mansfield Park is. I watched the 1999 version on Netflix a few days back, and thought it was pretty good - I know I've seen an older version, but that was a while back, and I don't remember much of it. I know it was much more accurate compared to the book, but I really did still like the later film. I also prefer vastly the writing here: Pride & Prejudice was not my cup of tea at all! I found the writing there very flat and dull, always describing what had happened just gone, rather than describing it as it occurred as the writing in Mansfield Park does.

As far as cross stitch goes, my Fall Girl has a largely completed skirt now - a few small sections of red on the bottom and on the top right. I'm really enjoying the colours on the skirt for this one: they seem to be working out very well! I might find some time to work on her on the weekends, but I really do need to stop for a while and let my arms rest. I'll have plenty of computer work to keep me busy at any rate; I don't need cross stitching on top of note taking and plenty of clicking!

That's all for tonight, then. I've got a bag to pack, and a not-as-early-morning to get ready for. Stay safe everyone!