So Very Close + Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! I hope everyone had a blessed, happy day today! We had a great day that started at four this morning. Got a beautiful rosy dawn, and then it rained for the rest of the day, very warm, very wet - unusual, but lovely just the same!

I got loads more stitching in again! I'm really surprised at how far I've come - there's really only a little bit left.

Everything but her mouth is finished, head down. All the backstitching is complete but for the bamboo on the side, and, of course, the ayam once stitched. And bonus points - the reds for her hair tie on the side by her coat are a perfect mix of reds: I'm going to go rip out that ugly disaster I created and redo it in these colours!

I wish I could keep stitching, but after a full day of it, I can't go any further without damaging something; I'll give my arms a rest and instead work on catching up with Miss Fisher!