In Cometh Winter - New Project!

Winter! I love winter. And I just found a brilliant pattern that combines my love of Hanbok and my love of the seasons - Soda Stitch's new design "4 Seasons Girl"

She's gorgeous in all seasons, but I am quite happily starting winter first. Winter Hanbok is a little bit different and quite pretty; it's a pity we don't see more of it!

There are little caps (this particular cap is called an 아얌 - ahyam) and vests (known as 배자 - baejah) that are sometimes trimmed in fur. Large coats, 두루마기 (durumagi) make their appearance. This little piece combines all three, with her coat draped over her arm, her cozy blue vest, and her beautifully embroidered cap.

The character written behind her is the Chinese character for "Winter" - all of the different seasons bear the character identifying their time of year. I can't wait to show you more progress!

More on caps and hairstyles (and Hanbok in nearly all its styles) in wonderful detail and art is available here by the wonderful artist Glimja on deviantART.