Fur! + Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Adam has at last trickled past and Christmas Eve is upon us! One more night and it shall be Christmas Day - the best day of the year! (Yes, even surpassing Halloween.)

I've got a fair bit of progress! Her hands are finished (though not fully outlined), a load of outlining has happened, the skirt is nearly done, and her vest has fur!

I picked up a card of white 'Wisper Thread' back when my local cross stitch supply store was closing. Everything was marked down, and I decided to give the specialty thread a try. I had a mind to stitch it over my old Winter Mirabilia, but never got around to it. I remembered the thread midway through this project and knew I had to give it a try!

I had already stitched the vest and white trim in regular cross stitch thread as you can see in my last update. I stitched full cross stitches of the wisper thread with one thread (not two) over all of the vest trim, and I really like the fuller effect that had. It was a bit hard to get started with the thread, but once I got used to it was okay. And it's so soft!

The purples are looking okay in the skirt? I think sometimes that it might be wrong, but I'll come back to it after a break and think it looks okay. Fingers crossed for it looking good at the end!