Monday, 14 December 2015

Foggy Mornings + Thank You for 10,000 Views!

A couple of days ago, we got to wake up to a beautiful foggy morning!

I've been working with my photos on my computer, playing around with saturation, contrast, etc., so that the photos look more like the world did when I took the picture. It's been great fun figuring out what works best with different situations, bringing out the lovely hints of colour and highlighting the beautiful moments that made me love having my camera at hand.

Today's been rainy - it was as dark at noon as it would be at dusk, and the rain came crashing down! But fog is always gorgeous on a day in. Hoping for snow this winter! 

I'm nearly finished with the next (and final) snowman; there was so much white to stitch! There were a few more edits to work on and choose new colours for his hat. I can't wait to show you!

And thank you everyone! I came on yesterday morning to find out that my blog has passed 10,000 views! I can't thank you all enough for viewing my blog over all these years. Hopefully I can show you better content going forward!

Stay warm everyone!