Fairy Tale Detectives & Autumnal Progress

I shall be attempting to take a photo of my progress along with the book I am currently reading during this year. Wish me luck!

Reading: Once Upon a Crime, Book 4 of The Sisters Grimm series
She's starting to form! The tie to her blouse is nearly completed, and a few of the designs on the skirt have appeared! I'm not sure if I want to continue upward and stitch her face, or go down and fill out the skirt first.

Decisions, decisions.

And I've finished another book since my last post! I didn't think I'd get it done before the end of the year, but I did!

I did the same thing last year, reading a total of 74 (not 70) books, which never made it into the lineup. The additional four are the first four in the Fablehaven series, pictured above (which is getting a sequel series in autumn this upcoming year, called DragonWatch!!). And the additional one this year is Michael Buckley's "The Problem Child," third in the series The Sisters Grimm.

I'm thinking I may have to resolve to make resolutions this year. There's something about it that's harder this year. It's been more difficult to settle on a book plan, more difficult to come up with decent resolutions, more difficult just in general to think up things that I want to be doing, posting about in a year's time. I've come up with the sort-of idea that I want to post my current read with current progress, since I really liked doing that back when I was working on Winter Wonderland. But that's about it.