Sunday, 27 December 2015

1 Season down, 3 Seasons to go!

She's finished!!

I got her done early this morning (meaning, 3 am), and I can hardly believe it. I added the fur on the cap at the very last, and I was so glad to have gotten her done - I'm going to have to take a break from stitching for a few days just to give my arms a rest!

The Chinese Character for Winter

I wanted to share some pictures of people wearing the same pieces as she is to give you an idea of what is what. First is the 아얌 (ayahm) hat.

This last cap is actually a 조바위 (jobawi) since it covers the ears, but is overall quite similar to the hat in the stitched piece - the tassel & ornament, strand of beads, white fur edging. These are open at the top, not closed, which isn't obvious in the stitching.

She's carrying a 'coat,' which could be one of three things.

쓰치마 (sseuchima, Conspiracy in the Court drama)
장옷 (jangot, Moon Embracing the Sun drama)
두루마기 (durumagi)
The lack of sleeves visible on the coat draped over her arm leads me to think that it's likely the 쓰치마, the first of the pictures. The difference between the first two is that the first of the images is in design quite like the 치마 (chima) skirt, while the second is in design quite like a 조고리 (jeogori) blouse, though obviously with a much elongated form like 두루마기 (durumagi).

Both of the first two examples were used as ways to keep a maiden hidden from the public eye/men as she went about outside of her house. Veils were also employed.

The final picture also shows a form of 아얌 (ayahm), with the strand of pearls/beads, and the ornament with tassel at the front. The fur on the top is the top edge, where the crown of her head is exposed.

This is one of my favourite pictures. Here she's wearing a fur edged vest like the stitching. She's wearing a 풍차 (pungcha) here, which you can tell by the cheek flaps on it.

If anyone's interested in a post dedicated to the variances in Joseon-era headgear, male and female, please do check out this awesome post at the Talking Cupboard; I found a few of my pictures there and the info is really good.

Well, winter break is nearly over - the high schools and lower are nearly ready to get back into their regular schedules, and I'll be going back to college soon as well, though I have a bit more time. Hopefully I can get Fall started soon - somewhere to the left of the Winter Girl - and finish up another book or two before then. And I must come up with some New Year's Resolutions!!

Hope everyone's having a good & safe end to their December!