The Bright-Coloured Pair

I'm back! And this time with a project. I got started on this one two days ago.

There'll be a pair of children on this one, a boy and a girl. You can finally see what it is after two days of work - the first day I couldn't tell what it was and I knew what I was stitching! I'm still looking for colours though, since as per usual I never-ever-ever have all the colours I need for any given project. I have a nice majority but right now, apart from the head, this is as far as I can stitch without choosing new colours.

Which, given the past two days, is going to be difficult.

My youngest brother decided it would be awesome to pour out his juice on the living room table, where I just happened to have all of my bags of thread out. Unluckily, the pink, sticky juice got into the bag of mostly unbagged threads - and I didn't even realise it. I only discovered it after a day or two, thinking I had had a lucky escape from disaster. Then I went for a new thread, and realised that something smelled awful. My Winter Wonderland was also inside, and completely soaked.

So I spent a little time rinsing out all my threads and wiping out plastic thread bags and blow drying the bare skeins of thread. Annoying, but done.

Until yesterday, when I found out he'd poured another drink in my other, larger bag full of threads.

The majority of it was bagged, but at least a quarter of it was in bags with holes in the bottom corners for attaching to a ring. So they were soaked anyway. Another evening spent rinsing, wiping, and blow drying. Yay.

Now I'm terrified of cups and leaving my threads anywhere but right beside me. XD