Fun with Cameras

So many close ups! I'm having fun just taking photos in different angles. XD Please overlook the cat fur though, it can't be helped.

I'm having problems with the pinks. The colour change is reflecting the sheen of silks - which Hanbok is usually made of - so it gets to quite a bright pink and to a very dark burgundy. The problem is that I have chosen completely the wrong pinks.

The middle colour has already been stitched twice, since I ran out of the first about halfway through and had to pick something else. The one currently stitched looked good enough before I used the brightest highlight colour, and now it just looks odd. Trust me, these photos are making it look a lot better than it is in person. Dx

So I'm going to try and choose another bright pink for the highlight that will hopefully make it all come together, or - gulp - I'm going to have to take out the middle colour and find something that better matches the highlight and the red. On another note, I ripped out the darker pink on the sleeves and redid them as well - I think the shading works out much better now.

Apart from that, though, the right side lower corner is already showing where the boy will be - his books will be piled in that corner next to his feet and he'll grow from there. More than likely, I'll give finding some pinks a shot and then start on the boy and avoid it for a while!