Sunday, 25 January 2015

(Black) Angel Wings

Progress on the Winchesters!

Boy has it been busy for me lately. College feels more like college this semester. I don't know if they take it easy in the fall, or if it's just me, but there has been a lot to do. I really love both my math courses, plus I help my sister out with hers, so I've got twice the math homework I did last semester. I enjoy it, I do. It's my English and History courses that are a pain. But so life goes. Anyway, I have been getting some stitching done, and as you can see, one of the wings is coming along nicely! I really enjoy doing all the black, I really do. It's fun, unexpectedly. I thought I would get sick of it, but I haven't. XD I've also been fiddling around with it some more down near the bottom, adding more stitches and thickening the outlines, same as with the top feathers. The shield is coming into view, and I've got the inner border going as I do the wing.

As if all the books I have are not enough, I went to the Friends of the Library Saturday sale yesterday. The Saturday sales only happen four times a year, so it's definitely a date to go on. They have sales on the second Thursdays every month, but the Saturday ones are special - mostly because it's not a school day. Picked up a couple of new Greek mythology books, an extra Astrology book (I'm a sucker for old editions), and a few more various books to try out. I was hoping for some more cross stitch books (because of course I don't have enough patterns either), but it was a bust this time around, as usual. I'm thinking of buying a couple of back editions of some magazines that have patterns I like in them at some point this year - probably around June, since I can excuse it as a birthday present to myself. XD

Anyway, it's off for a final prep before school again tomorrow and back to stitching for the evening. Have a good week all!