All Gears in Motion!

The start of a new year, and the fourth year on this blog! This will be my 95th post. Wow. I did not expect to get this far along on a blog ever!

Well, it's ready-set-go for 2015! I've added two more widgets to the side for my reading, and removed the Winter countdown. Hopefully the 2015 GoodReads reading challenge will open up soon and I can add that on as well.

School will be starting up again soon, about a week or two left before a new semester begins. I'd like to say I'm dreading it or looking forward to it, but its neither really. I'm not looking forward to finding new classrooms, but otherwise I'm not minding it currently.

I have the final Fablehaven book to finish, which is still in its beginning stages - it'll be my first book read this year, and then I can move on to some of the series I plan to get through this year!

Thanks to my Grandmother's Christmas present of a gift card and the wonderful online book store, I've gotten an additional fifteen books for my shelves. They're nearly all of them books from my childhood, stories I read when I was really young and growing up. Some of them I read aloud to my sister. There are three complete series and three standalone books that have been and are being shipped. With the exception of one series, I've never actually been able to read them in their entirety - with the Claidi Journals, the library didn't have the last book. The Dragon Slippers trilogy I read the first book, and only parts of the second. The Shamer Chronicles I did read all the way through, and they creeped me out as a kid, but what I do remember I think of now as awesome, and I can't wait to read them again!

Currently, with the way they're all being shipped from different sellers, I only have parts of series. I got the last book of the Claidi Journals - Wolf Wing - first. On the 31, I received the first and third. XD Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George is the only series that arrived first and second together - awaiting the final book. The Shamer Chronicles' second and third books arrived together, and I'm waiting on the first and fourth to show up so I can get started on them again!

The three standalone books are quite different from one another! One is another Jessica Day George book - I love her writing so much. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow I read years ago, and remember only really liking it, and a few key scenes. I have already gotten the book, so I should probably get cracking on it. XD Then there's a history book by my favourite historian - Robert K. Massie. I have two of his other histories already: Nicholas & Alexandra, as well as Peter the Great. Both are Friends of the Library finds, Peter the Great being one I purchased only recently at the start of December. I decided to round it out with getting his Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman. It feels like I need to know a little bit more about her, so there that is. Finally is a book I picked up at my college library and had to stop reading due to college getting in the way: a book of Celtic myths. It doesn't feel like a generic myth book though, more like a book of proper adventure stories, so I hope that that is the book I'm getting in the mail! There was no picture to go with the price, though the title and author were correct. Fingers crossed! Dx

Next up on the list is the cross stitching. The whole point of this four-year, 90+ post blog. My major project is the season by Yuu. I've got to make a call on this one and decide which season to call it just to make it easier to write about. Before that, I do need to get Winter Wonderland finished. It's close, very close, just got to make the final push. When I get it finished, I'd like to find something to write along the bottom of it before making it up into a pillow or whatever. I'll have to look around for a small alphabet, since it'll be a tight fit on the fabric.

Apart from those two projects, that's pretty much it for me. I have a good number of UFOs now, all of those that I've posted about in the past year that I won't bother you about by posting them again. There's no update there. Dx At best, I might, might, get back to the Halloween Carousel Horse before too long, as a break from the Yuu from time to time.

And that's it! I've got all my brand-new Resolutions to work on, lists to work through, stuff to accomplish. Just have to remember to blog about it as it occurs! Have a brilliant 2015 everyone!