The To-Be-Read Challenge 2015

I'll get back to the blog posts I intended to write and publish after the break. :D

At last! I've been looking for a book challenge rather desperately recently! Last year and the year before I did the A-Z book challenge, and the actual completion of the challenge was posted up over here. And I read a further four books after that post, leaving me with a grand total of 74 books read between January and December of 2014! Alas, the last book of the Fablehaven series shall have to be a 2015 finish. Can't win them all I suppose. XD

After getting the challenge done at last (having failed miserably the first time, in 2013), I wondered what to do with myself next year.
But another quick search online turned up the fabulous To Be Read Challenge. It consists of reading the books that you have had on your shelves for a while, and always intend to read "someday." And that was very much along the lines of what I wanted to be doing anyway. I want to get all my books read, every single one that I own (including the 14 new ones that are arriving at my house - thanks Grandma for the gift card! :DD). So - I'll be going for it. They have it all broken down nicely:

and while I don't know if I'll be able to match 2014's 73 books this time around, I'll be shooting for the 50+ nevertheless! There were a lot of small, or at least easy-to-read books in my challenge this last year - Artemis Fowl series, the Twilight saga (all four of which, plus the guide, took me three days over a quiet weekend), the Sisters of Isis series was very simply written, and on and on. They were books I was interested in reading (for the already have it purpose and for many of them because they were my childhood), and so I don't regret reading them. But this year, I want to read the longer and more intelligently written tomes that I have around. Quality, not quantity, for 2015!

I do have something of a book list written up, but nothing hard-and-fast as yet. I do want to get through my series of books on modern-ish Chinese history - biographies on Madame Chiang Kai Shek and Madame Mao - as well as the various other historical biographies I own, of which there are way too many, and read through a few more older style books. I devoured Wuthering Heights over the course of a few days when I picked it up on a whim while at school, and I'd like to give the Austens and other Bronte books another go. Don't hold your breath for any Dickens, though.

Got it in before the bell! Still an hour to go before the New Year! Have a great evening everyone, and happy 2015!