End to the Woodland Sampler

BEWARE: Link Heavy!

I never posted the finish of my Woodland Sampler!

Last this blog saw of it, the last two blocks were in progress. Since then, December and the year block have been added, and all the outlining finished for the whole project. Unfortunately, it's still not quite 'finished' since I haven't completed the sparkly dandelions in the July block, though I finished everything else in that block.

I really loved working on this piece. I wish there was another like it to work on next year. The sampler they did this year was too busy for me, though I liked the idea of the fairy tales. There's another one for next year (of course!) that they've been teasing this month in their Facebook group, this one called "Story Time" depicting characters from 'favourite literature.' I hope it isn't as busy as this year's was in the execution or it'll be another skip. :\

Another stitchery I found this year is Cloudsfactory, who I discovered through their Facebook group. They have a lot of extremely simple designs that generally focus around a lot of well-known images, such as Disney and popular television. I especially liked some of the blocks from their block-a-month club, Magical Creatures Calendar. It was posted one block a month as the Frosted Pumpkin does with their works. I really like January, the centaur, March's Phoenix, June's dragons, and especially December's Yeti/Abominable Snowman! But the rest of it. . . . not so much. I also like bits and piece of the Halloween-themed piece "Whacky Witches in Stitches" but not as a whole. Again - :\.