Friday, 19 December 2014

80 Skeins of Thread

Okay, 82. Plus one. Enough threads to get my Yuu Season Spring/Autumn done, and finish off the Winter Wonderland! Ran out of one colour before the end, and now I can get the last of the sky and leaves finished. I also got the Whisper thread, that I was supposed to use for the Winter Maiden in the Mirabilia project I gave up on a while back. I honestly don't know what to do with that thing. Perhaps I'll take out all the outlining on the face and try to figure something else out. At least she'll have a fuzzy cloak.

All this lovely thread came with a sad price though: the Piddlin' Patch, the place where I've gotten all my cross stitch supplies, has given their notice. The owners are going to retire, and are looking to sell. It's the only place anywhere nearby that sells much of what my Mother, sister, and I need for our crafts. Hoping for someone to buy it and keep it going!!

And here is the lovely updated Winter Wonderland. Such a huge difference stitching in the rest of the blue around the star makes!! The lesser, white stars have yet to be sewn in, but the blue is about done - just have a few leaves on the right-hand side to get finished. The entire left side is completed but for outlining, and the snow needs going over with the sparkly thread that keeps trying to worm its way back out of the project as I work on it. >:\ Not much further to go at all!