Friday, 3 October 2014

Halloween on the Hooves of Black Horses

I never updated the Halloween Carousel Horse I was doing a while back, even though I continued to a work on it - a lot - after the last update. I kept putting off taking another photo because I was still stitching this, or wanted to get to the end of that part, or that corner, etc., before I took a picture. . . . and it never got done! I got a LOT finished on this piece that I was very happy with, that I just never ended up sharing!

No more, because here it is!

What do you think?? I think the last time there was an update on this piece, the back of the horse wasn't even finished yet. Now that whole side is finished, backstitched and all, and continued on to the other side!

Today I picked up the last 16 colours (of 65!!) that I needed for a Heaven and Earth design - a freebie no less! Yes, Heaven & Earth has awesome patterns for free on their website. I'm doing "The Flower Bride." It is so beautiful!! I've worked about four hundred stitches already in the upper left hand corner, and it's just a tiny little square of purple. Dx

Lastly, though I got the remaining colours I needed, I worked on this when I got home:

Aisshhhh~ XD

Enjoying all the Halloween shows on the kids' channels!! Disney Jr. or one of those channels is showing new, Halloween versions of all their shows every Friday this month, and it is so refreshing to see new Halloween shows instead of the same worn few.