Monday, 22 September 2014

Give a Bow

Here's the next part! This one is just a little further down than the Bunny couple, and the picture is of my progress up until this morning. Got a lot done! It'll slow down a lot this week now that school is started up again (this past weekend was a good one for stitching), but hopefully I'll get it done in time for another batch of stitching this coming weekend on the third and final piece for this span of fabric.

This one is of a little boy and girl and their puppy performing a New Year bow, an event to get dressed up in your Hanbok and make a ceremonial bow at the start of the new year. There'll be some lattice/door as you can see behind him already, and a branch with blossoms on it (probably cherry) above the little girl who will be to the right of this guy as with the bunny couple. There's actually only two rows of stitching left for him! I was surprised myself stitching it. XD