I've been gone a long time. Sorry about that. I've had plenty of opportunities to post, and I just haven't taken them. Since my last post, I've started college, fulfilled a week of exams and essay turn ins, started and completed about three dramas and halfway through a fourth, and today added more cross stitching to the list!

Isn't he just adorable? I love him to pieces!! Definitely what I wanted to be stitching. It's not even turned out the way it was supposed to and it's perfect. ^ω^ I can't wait to finish it - there'll be a little pot under that spoon, and a girl on the other side facing him - but I'll probably have to wait a while before it can be finished. There's more school tomorrow! And there'll be more tests this week as well. :( And the second essay for the English class is a hair's breadth away from being assigned; for now we're just discussing the type of paper, but it'll be due sooner than I'd like anyway. I've had a serious cold the past week followed up with a just killer headache today that made everything painful. It was great to have him to work on, keep me from biting anyone's head off!