Yay progress!

Got the little girl in progress! Her skirt is a few stitches from being done, and her blouse is all completed. Her head is already nearly finished. I love quick projects like these!

I've been stitching this at the end of a long strip of fabric, and I'm playing with the idea of just doing lots of little pieces like this along its length, or whether I should cut them apart and do something with them (decorative pillows or something like that?). It'll depend on how much background work I want to do on each of them. This one has a few hearts and stars around the outside, nothing too extravagant. Eh. I'll probably end up stitching a bunch and leaving them there without ever properly 'finishing' them, as is my wont. Dx It's a fabulous way to wind down after a day at school though! My one downside is that I can't watch my dramas at the same time, since my language skills are good enough to get through a few minutes solid, and then oh, that grandma with the dialect is speaking again, or they've got that fast speaker, filled with technical terms, and there's goes the comprehension. It's getting better, but not that quickly. XD