UFO Landing

How long has it been since one of these posts?! Months and months, at least. O.O

Well, they are returning! Currently, all of my cross stitch counts as a UFO. I've started one further project since I last blogged about stitching, but even that has been a while in the bag. I haven't been very good at keeping up with this stuff. Back on a schedule for me I suppose!

One thing though is that I've hurt my wrist somewhat. Too much time on my computer, organizing pictures and playing old games, my right wrist has been overused, and is still on the way to getting better. What I've been doing instead is reading - lots. I've read 19 books since January 1st. I really want to correct only having read one or two books over the past few years, and fill in that A-Z list again! This month I completed 5 (the last one, Peony in Love by Lisa See was an absolute drag to get through and I really regretted picking it up at the last library sale), and I have about 4 in progress. What's weird is the number of books that fall in the L and M category, or the S and T category! There are so many that I've read or want to read that start with those letters that it's a little discouraging! I keep trying to fill in my alphabet list, and there are huge gaps for normal letters - C, D, G, & I for example - while the lower half of the alphabet has too many books written in to fit another!

I'm hoping to get more books finished before April is over, though probably only the shortest of the ones I'm working on, and then pick back up on stitching! I need to get the Woodland Sampler completed, which is still pretty much the same as the last I wrote of it, and the Halloween Carousel Horse. Those two are at the top of my list.

Here on out, Woodland Sampler and the Horse will be on Wednesdays for sure, with perhaps a single addition. The UFOs will likely be the Month Desserts (still haven't redone those) and the Welcome banner. What a sorry project - got started soon after moving in, and left it nearly finished for two and a half years!!

On the upside, I've redone the blog's appearance! I like the light colors on this design. I need to look over the freebies list and get it cleaned up a little, I think - rename and reorganize there, get it plainer where things are and remove old pages if there are any.

Until next time then!